Grant Issuance Rules


  1. Your proposal must be clear about how it will benefit the IoTeX ecosystem.

  2. If, within 30 days, your proposal has not received sufficient feedback from the community, and has not been approved by the Foundation, it will be closed.

  3. Your project should complete in less than three months (we may ask to split big projects into multiple grants for easier tracking/management)

  4. You can apply for multiple grants, but you need to successfully complete your previous project before you will be assigned a new grant.

  5. HALO Grants are project-based grants, not intended to cover 100% of your team’s early-stage funding.

  6. All funded projects must be open-sourced (under MIT and APACHE2 licenses)

  7. Your team must be self-managed.

Grant issuance rules

  1. The IoTeX Foundation will do an initial, internal review of any new proposal.

  2. The IoTeX Foundation may make an announcement through proper channels if a new proposal meets specific criteria.

  3. When your proposal shows enough traction from the community, both in terms of poll votes and post comments, the IoTeX foundation may schedule a meeting with your team to discuss grant details before approval.

  4. Once we award a grant, you must edit your post on every completed milestone, adding the details for the completed milestone like in the milestone report below.

  5. Grant recipients will receive their funds periodically, upon successful milestones report verification.

  6. If the Milestone Report shows the project is not meeting expectations, the IoTeX Foundation will work with you to get it back on track. However, we may halt funding if problems persist.

  7. The IoTeX Foundation may make a periodic announcement on mainstream media, showcasing projects funded by the HALO Grant program.

  8. All grants will be paid out in ioUSDT, the IoTeX bridged version of the USDT token. You can easily swap ioUSDT on, the popular decentralized exchange on IoTeX.


Milestone reports

This is how your milestone report could look like:

Milestone Report: #1
:pencil:Invoice form has been filled out correctly for this milestone.
Deliverable Name: (e.g.: “Complete Website Frontend”)
Proof: Provide a link to resources and/or a demo video
Note: (e.g.: “Implementation of the game frontend”)
Payment tx: [leave this one empty]