I can't send any IoTex because of Invalid IoTex address

When I try to send my IoTex Tokens from Coinbase to my IoPay wallet, it shows that my IoPay wallet address is invalid on Coinbase. Therefore, I am unable to send the tokens to my wallet. What seems to be the problem, can anyone help solve this issue? I am 100% sure the address is correct because I copied and pasted the address from my wallet to Coinbase.


I had the same issue from Metamask to iopay. So i tried sending to the ETH address. It says the transfert was successfull but I am still not able to see the IOTX tokens in my ipay wallet…

It’s risky to send anything when it’s unknown. Once it’s lost in the blockchain, it’s hard to get it back.

That’s why I did it with 60 iotx only… lucky me I did not send thousands… hower I still do not know how to send my iotx to iopay ! From metamask… or from Binance…

Yeah, same problem with me. Hope I’m doing it right.