Iotex in NYS

I live in New York and I purchased Iotex on coinbase pro mid August of this year, and then it became unavailable after a few days and I can only see a "view only " market for it. I did some research and found it is not available in NYS, so I’m not sure why it was available to I purchase at the time. I’m wondering if there is anything I can do without having to gain proof of residency in another state just to be able to access my iotex. It still shows in my portfolio, I just can’t buy or sell. I was going to stake them when I realized I couldn’t do anything. Coinbase completely avoids the subject when I try to contact them and they are absolutely no help at all. Any info will be greatly appreciated!

Hi Jerry,

If your coins are with Coinbase, you have to contact them. You purchased the coins from them, and they own the private keys to that wallet, there is nothing we can do.

But you should know something about when and if iotex will be available to trade in New York state?

Also, why was it available for a short time and then trading revoked? Because of this, I am unable to stake my coins.

Hello Jerry​ ​,

We are not a cryptocurrency reseller, we concentrate on developing the platform, so you should ask your exchanges as to why IoTeX trading is not permitted within your local region.

So you’re saying you don’t know why your own platform isn’t available in certain areas? I can’t find support anywhere, none from IOTEX support, and none from Coinbase support, it’s very frustrating. Iotex support saying it’s the exchange issue and to contact them, the exchange saying I need to contact iotex support? So I’m stuck in the middle of two entities playing the blame game. This shit is ridiculous.