IoTeX Project Updates #15 — May 22 — June 25, 2019

Greetings everyone! We are back with our Project Update Report №15 for 05/22–06/25 period. During this time our team has been working around the clock to keep on delivering new products and making improvements to existing, as well as, introducing a way for having a decentralized community of global supporters, launch of the 1st token and Dapp on IoTeX network, new listing, integrations with 3rd party wallets and contributions from Delegates.

We have prepared this blog in order to do a recap of our recent achievements to share with our beloved community.

Tech & Development >>>

Mainnet & Post-Mainnet Status Update

IoTeX Mainnet Alpha has been live for more than one month and things are going great! Here are some updates:

  • ~1 billion IOTX staked/voted (maintaining 30% of the 3.5bn circulating supply)
  • Almost 1,000 epochs
  • 50+ Delegates from 18 countries
  • An increase from 18 to 24 Consensus Delegates
  • Welcome our newest Delegate: BlackPool and Citex
  • New Delegates coming: shEOS, Starfish, etc.

Some of the things that we are working on & will be rolling out:

  • Vitality (VITA) community token — our first token & Dapp
  • Member Portal — you one-stop shop for all things blockchain & IoT
  • AvoBoard — our in-house hardware

Check all of them in our new blog :arrow_right:
On June 12, we have reached 40% of the IOTX circulating supply staked/voted and expanded to 24 Consensus Delegates + increased the epoch bonus to 350K IOTX per day. Right before this, we have executed a hard fork at block height 432001 that went smoothly in order to implement and push new improvements to our network. This update v0.6.2 carries non-compatible bug fixes, major improvements, and new features:

  • Fix the double gas fee on contract deployment and execution;
  • Add new RPC APIs to query and subscribe to raw blocks;
  • Avoid signing asynchronous contract read request;
  • Improve BFT consensus pre-commit state handling;
  • Migrate a project from go dep to go mod;
  • Use golang 1.12.5 compiler by default (but still compatible with 1.11.5);
  • Remove native voting protocol from the codebase.

Other Updates:

:one: Trust Wallet fully supports both native IOTX & ERC20 IOTX — you can download the wallet here

:two:imToken has officially launched the IoTeX staking & voting Dapp

:three:Check a full list of IOTX wallets available today for ERC20 & native IOTX

:four:Newly added metrics for IoTeX Explorer via GraphQL

Vitality (VITA) Community Token

The first token to be launched on the IoTeX Network will be Vitality (VITA) — the IoTeX Community token. Why Vitality? Because it represents the essence of the IoTeX community:

We are hosting a :zap:1,000,000 VITA + 10,000 IOTX :zap:giveaway to celebrate the launch of VITA! Join our Gleam campaign today & build your “VITA starter kit”. Help spread the word! :earth_americas:

Vitality (VITA) Token Launch Celebration

VITA Resources:

:arrow_right: VITA Website:
:arrow_right: VITA Twitter:
:arrow_right: VITA Introduction:
:arrow_right: VITA Detailed FAQ:
:arrow_right: VITA Tasks List:
:arrow_right: VITA Discord:
:arrow_right: How to claim VITA:
:arrow_right: IOTX-to-VITA Bidding Pool:

Partnerships, Collaborations & other

:white_check_mark:PIEXGO officially supports IOTX native token SWAP —

:white_check_mark:Our co-founder Raullen has been invited to join xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (xGBA) !

:white_check_mark:Binance Research officially released the IoTeX Research Report — an in-depth report which summarizes the key aspects of IoTeX.

:white_check_mark:IoTeX Voting Portal Dapp has been added to State Of The Dapps & DappRadar

:white_check_mark:New working collaboration with the Korean Ministry of Science & ICT

:white_check_mark:The new article we have prepared for Asia Blockchain Review!

How can Blockchain Transform the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Delegate Updates

:movie_camera: Stanford CPC prepared a congratulations video message from Prof. Whitfield Diffie!

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Simone, an IoTeXLab Delegate has attended a meetup in Milan at the end of May that was hosted by Cryptomondays. Check out the video he has prepared for our community:

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:One of our Delegates — IoTASK have created this Python API library for developers to be able to easily integrate with IoTeX’s blockchain


May 31 @ Shanghai — IoTeX Meetup

June 15 @ Palo Alto, CA — PoS CEO Summit

June 21 @ Shanghai — STAKING — Era of Mining

Community & Campaigns

:moneybag:Let’s Make Content Campaign (ongoing — end of June)

:ballot_box_with_check: Rules & details

Vitality (VITA) Token Launch Celebration! :rocket: (ongoing — end of June)

We are hosting a :zap: 1,000,000 VITA + 10,000 IOTX :zap: giveaway to celebrate the launch of VITA! Enter NOW via the Gleam link below and build your “VITA starter kit”. Help spread the word! :earth_americas:

Vitality (VITA) Token Launch Celebration

Livestream AMA with Founders — May 31 :arrow_forward:

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