IoTeX Project Updates #16 — June 26— July 25, 2019

Greetings everyone! We are back with our Project Update Report №16 for 06/26–07/25 period. During this time our team has been working around the clock to keep on making improvements to our products and push new code, holding our first ever network-wide voting as a first step towards autonomous and decentralized community & network governance, signing new partnership deals, welcoming new token listings, Delegates and much more.

We have prepared this blog in order to do a recap of our recent achievements to share with our beloved community.

Tech & Development >>>

Purpose — Original plan: 36 Consensus Delegates, final private sale distribution, and increase epoch bonus reward by November 2019. Based on excellent performance of the Mainnet and interest from new investors, we believe this expansion can be executed ahead of schedule.

Proposal — expedite the following to July 2019. Expand Consensus Delegates Pool to 36. Increase epoch bonus reward to 18,750 IOTX. Distribute final tranche of private sale tokens.

Voting Results — Yes: 95% vs. No: 5% Over 50% of all stakeholders voted (~750mm IOTX).

Full blog on the Network Vote #1

IoTeX Network Vote #1: Proposal Passed with 50%+ Participation!


As a result of the successful vote, the proposal will be implemented in three separate steps in July 2019:

  • Final tranche of private sale tokens (6% of total supply) will be distributed during the week of July 8
  • Consensus Delegates pool will be expanded from 24 to 36 during the week of July 15
  • Epoch bonus reward will be increased to 18,750 IOTX (i.e., 450,000 IOTX per day) before the end of July

IoTeX Foundation believes these changes will positively impact IoTeX

  • More Delegates, more rewards, more decentralization!
  • No future private sale distributions clears path for new delegates and investors
  • Signal to the industry that IoTeX Mainnet is performing well and ahead of schedule

Full blog on the Voting Results

Delegate Badges program #DOTM Voting

Over the past 3+ months of Mainnet, we have continuously enhanced the IoTeX Delegates Program. One of our main goals is to better connect the IoTeX community and Delegates — this involves providing more transparency regarding Delegate contributions, achievements, and commitments. We are excited to introduce the Delegate Badges program as our next initiative!

Check full details here:

New Listings

:kr:CITEX is a global digital asset exchange registered in Seoul, South Korea. We are excited to have them join our Delegate Program to strengthen the Korean market — vote for CITEX now!

Mainnet is running very smoothly and here’s a brief update:

  • ~1.8 billion IOTX staked/voted (maintaining >45% of total circulating supply)
  • Almost 720,000 blocks and 2,000 epochs reached
  • 60+ Delegates from 15+ countries (and growing)
  • New software update v0.7.2 — hard fork at height 864001 , breaking changes. V0.7.2 carries bug fixes, major improvements, and new features:

Increasing epoch reward from 12,500 to 18,750; implementing bloom filters to index contract events; add GRPC streaming APIs to subscribe blocks and contract events; supporting XRC-20 commands in ioctl; non-blocking Ethereum data sync on start; improving action index.

  • Increase from 24 to 36 Consensus Delegates in July
  • Welcome our newest Delegates: Everstake, Citex, Codex, EliteX
  • New Delegates coming: Rockstake, Hashquark (Wanxiang), HuobiWallet and more!

:large_blue_diamond: IoTeX Analytics Playground is LIVE on! You can now query many useful IoTeX metrics with simple commands! See our blog and learn how to use the Analytics Playground and metrics using our instructions. In addition, IoTeX Analytics is fully open-source to the public!


Partnerships, Collaborations & other

Chainlink & IoTeX — Partnership for Trusted Oracles

Chainlink integration to the IoTeX Mainnet will make off-chain data (e.g., public APIs, payment gateways, data feeds) available to IoTeX smart contracts and IoT applications.

IoTeX and Chainlink will also explore new data sources to “oracle-ize” in a trusted fashion. Chainlink’s partnership with Google BigQuery has already opened up new possibilities; however, a multitude of public/private data is still untapped. Together, Chainlink and IoTeX will create a fluid ecosystem for real world and IoT data.

##IoTeX Partnership with Nesten

Nesten will use the IoTeX platform to build a Layer 2 chain for next-gen IoT communication networks. Nesten has already deployed 5 LoRa networks in the USA & Korea — we look forward to enhancing and connecting them with IoTeX technology.

:earth_americas: IoTeX is expanding into new communities and regions together with its local partners — Zaigar

IoTeX Welcomes New Collaborator for Latin America— Zaigar

New blog from Raullen >> Cross-chain Governance — A New Paradigm

Delegate Updates

  • Welcome to our new Delegate — Blockfolio. We sat down with Ed Moncada (@blockfolio CEO) to learn why Blockfolio chose IoTeX as their first DPoS/PoS project, their future plans as IoTeX Delegate, and more! :arrow_right:Check out our New “Meet the Delegate” Video with Blockfolio:

:boom:Interested in experimenting with Blockchain and the Internet Of Things? Here is a new video tutorial about how to run an IoTeX full-node on a Raspberry Pi 3 brought to you by IoTeXLab Delegate !

Update alert! :rotating_light:You can now check your $VITA balance quickly without having to login to a wallet! View all @iotex_io token balances in one place on iotxplorer Explorer !

IoTeX Delegates4Good: The Giving Block & dRoute Partnership


July 27 — :confetti_ball:Celebrating IoTeX Anniversary! :confetti_ball:@ IoTeX HQ

:white_check_mark: Register and help us to promote here:

July 24 — Meetup Lisk Center along with MADANA, EliteX Exchange, Moosty Music & more!

July 6 — IoTeX joined the PinkCareToken alliance led by Binance and donated to support young women.

June 27 — Sensors Expo & Conference 2019 — the premium event for SENSORS, CONNECTIVITY, AND SYSTEMS!

Community & Campaigns

IoTalks is BACK!

Watch the 1st episode with NKN on the past, present, and future of connectivity and check out the campaign winners here

Watch the 2nd episode with Theta Labs on the past, present, and future of streaming & participate in the Gleam campaign :white_check_mark:

VITA Referral Campaign :spiral_calendar: 07/18/2019 6:30 PM to 07/24/2019 *6:30 PM PDT

{recap} AMA Session with Raullen on Qudem

{recap} AMA Session with Raullen (Co-founder of IoTeX) & Phoebe (Co-founder of BitUniverse) — July 12

VITA GLEAM CAMPAIGN — Check the Winners :ballot_box_with_check:

VITA Airdrop to IoTeX Genesis Voters! :yellow_heart: 5,000,000+ VITA >> check your VITA balance via IoTeX Desktop/online wallet now!

:white_check_mark:Check if you are a Genesis Voter and eligible for the VITA airdrop :pushpin: HERE
:white_check_mark:Make sure you have the private key of the wallet which you used for voting. Use it to access IoTeX wallet and manage your VITA
:white_check_mark:For Ledger users, you will have access to your VITA after the IoTeX Ledger app is online (currently under review by Ledger team)

IoTeX had a special session with Utopian/FOSSHub, a community of open source professionals. Larry (IoTeX Head of BD) shared insights/philosophy of blockchain+IoT and some “secret gems” about IoTeX’s future. :white_check_mark:Watch the full video below (IoTeX part starts at 34:20):

Livestream AMA with Founders — July 2. VIDEO & SUMMARY BLOG :arrow_forward:

IoTeX and BitUniverse held a Cross Exchange Grid Trading Competition — all eligible participants were able to receive rewards! Big prizes for traders with the highest ROI — :moneybag:750,000 IOTX to Give Away!

:date: Competition Period
2019/07/11 02:00–2019/07/17 02:00 (UTC)

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