IoTeX & Theta — IoTalks Campaign Best Use Case Submissions

Last week, IoTeX & Theta held a special Gleam campaign to celebrate the launch of “IoTalks: Streaming w/ Theta”. We received great feedback on the video — make sure to subscribe to IoTeX Youtube for more IoTalks! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out

A total of 15 winners won 15,000 TFUEL + 30,000 VITA — congratulations! Please check your email to claim your prize. 12 winners were randomly selected, while 3 others were chosen based on their best blockchain + IoT + streaming use case submissions, which we share below:

Ezra Lev (USA)

Ok there’s many good uses, but streaming from devices for agricultural benefits can be absolutely huge! Drones, h20 soil sensors, wind, weather, etc all streaming data and video for live multiple inputs to help feed the world with less waste is a good use case in my opinion. Outdoor, indoor, and automated greenhouse agricultural productions should all benefit! Peace

Ville Närhi (Finland)

I think IoTeX and Theta are perfects examples to begin with. IoT doesn’t have to be toasters and sensors, it can start with just things we expect to be online anyway, such as our PCs, smartphones and smart TVs. Smart TVs being included in this new P2P era is a big thing. With proper software and easy ways to spend something, your TV gained out of “thin air”, even in a form of donations to services or entertainers.

Andrew Mahoney-Fernandes (USA)

Often times I get in an uber and immediately find my friends asking for the aux cord. Imagine a distributed network of music, movies, video, etc all available through provided headrest streaming devices in all ubers and taxis. Users could select what they want to play and watch and the distributed network would provide them with endless content

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