Migrate your IoTeX wallet from Trust Wallet to ioPay

In this guide, I’ll show how you can migrate your native IoTeX wallet that you created in Trust Wallet to ioPay.

The IoTeX ecosystem is growing very fast: new XRC20 tokens get created more and more often, and new dApps such as ioTube and mimo enrich the network, opening up to infinite possibilities.

Third-party wallets may not support buckets or XRC20 tokens

Suppose you are using a third-party wallet to manage IOTX tokens on your smartphone, with the fast evolution of IoTeX. In that case, it’s possible that it does not support all the new features yet. For example, you may have sent XRC20 Tokens or staking Buckets to a wallet app that does not support them: in these cases, you need to migrate that wallet to the IoPay official wallet app the get back access to your assets.

Explanation of the problem

In general, when you want to import a blockchain wallet, you need the private key for that wallet. Trust wallet relies on the 12 words backup phrase for all the wallets you create for the different tokens. These 12 words are the seed for the generation of all the private keys, but while Trust wallet allows you to see the 12 words, it does not show you the actual private keys for each wallet it creates, so we must know how Trust wallet generates the private key for IoTeX and do the same on our own.

1. Download the bip39 derivation tool

The first step is to download the bip39 derivation tool that does exactly this: it generated all private keys starting from a set of words, based on certain parameters:

=> Download bip39 derivation tool

It’s an HTML file that you can open directly in your browser: for security reasons (just in case you download the wrong tool), make sure you disconnect your PC from the Internet while using the tool so that even if you downloaded the wrong tool, it wouldn’t be able to leak your 12 words!

2. Configure the keys extraction

2.1 Set the coin

Set “Ethereum” as the chain:

2.2 Set the derivation path

In the Derivation Path section set “BIP32” and m/44'/304'/0'/0 as the derivation path:

2.3 Set the 12 words

Back at the top of the page, set “English” as the language for the backup phrase, and input the 12 words of your backup phrase that you got from Trust Wallet:

3. Find the private key

At the bottom of the page, the tool should have generated many wallet addresses. Just pick the first one as that is the one that corresponds to your IoTeX wallet on Trust (even if you see it in the Etehreum format, it has the same private key as your native IoTeX wallet on Trust! You can check it by converting your IoTeX wallet to the Ethereum format)

Import in ioPay

Once you got the private key, open your ioPay Desktop and import it to gain access to your wallet: you can now manage all the staking buckets, XRC20 tokens, and NFTs from ioPay itself and on member.iotex.io

You can now close the BIP39 tool and restore your Internet connection.


This will profer solutions to many community members questions as regards the uses of Trust wallet in storing $IOTX :wave:

I wish I knew the jargon but this may as well be Greek to me. Is there somewhere it is explained step by step in layman’s terms?