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IoTeX Shiba

Project Type

Community Driven Project

Proposal Description

We are the first community driven meme project on the IoTeX Blockchain. We created this project with the intention of bringing more attention & investors to the network and its ecosystem. Our team members have been invested in IOTX for quite some time, and we believed now was a perfect time to launch the first community based project.

I’m sure you have all seen how much investment that community driven meme projects have brought to other chains during this past year. We want to cause the same effect for the IoTeX blockchain. We would like to make it clear to you that we have not created this project simply for our own gain, the most important aspect to us is to raise awareness and drive traffic to IoTeX and it’s ecosystem. Already, we have invested a considerable amount of money from our own pockets into this project for liquidity which we have permanently locked as a show of intent for our long term ambitions on the network. We have high expectations of the impact that we can achieve here on the IoTeX network.

An approval of our application for this grant is not essential to us, we will proceed with our plans regardless of the outcome. However we feel that a succesful application would help us greatly in achieveing our goals of spreading the word of IoTeX further throughout the cypto world and increasing users on the platform.

Below is a list of some of our current plans that we have in progress to acquire users:

  • Marketing Campaign
  • Liquidity Boost Strategy
  • NFT Program with proceeds going to the worlds first DAO charity donation
  • IoShib donation to IoTeX Foundation Wallet
  • IoShib IOTEX Validator Node
  • Strategy for acquiring users from external established chains/networks
  • Completition of v2 website in order the raise the professional image of the project


Milestone 1:

  • Duration (weeks): 2 week
  • Achieve Liquidity of Over $200,000

Funds request

Below is a list of resources that we feel could help us greatly in our mission:

  • Official Partnerships/Acknowledgements
  • Established Communication with MimoSwap/Official Logo on MimoSwap DEX/Analytics


Currently after 6 days, we achieved the following:

  • 1330 Token Holders
  • 4250 Transactions
  • $750,000 Trading Volume
  • $90,000 Liquidity
  • 690 Telegram Members

We believe we can grow these figures exponentially alongside IoTeX in a mutually benefical relationship, as it gains more momentum in the coming weeks and months.

Current Targets:

  • 10,000 Holders
  • 50,000 Transactions
  • $3,000,000 Trading Volume
  • $200,000 Liquidity




Telegram: Contact @iotexshiba


CoinGecko: IoTexShiba (IOSHIB) price today, chart, market cap & news | CoinGecko

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Hello @IoTeX-Shiba and thank you for submitting this proposal! We appreciate the work you have done until now and your plans for the future.

We have just accepted your proposal, congratulations :partying_face:


Hello @zimne thank you for taking the time to consider our proposal. Your offer of support under these terms is much appreciated!

Look forward to touching base with you soon. :handshake:

@IoTeX-Shiba Team