Ninja's World, a Ninja Play-To-Earn adventure game

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[Ninja’s World]

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[ GameFi ]

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[ Ninja’s World is a blockchain-based Ninja Play-To-Earn adventure game.

Product highlights:
Players are able to adventure into the Ninja’s World to engage in battles, daily tasks and upgrade the rank in the arena to earn abundant token rewards.

Each Ninja is with special skills and stats and the squads of different Ninja work differently. Meanwhile, Ninjutsu is indispensable. The Ninja will become stronger after learning each unique Ninjutsu. Different Ninja squads with all kinds of Ninjutsu will make Ninja versatile in thrilling battles.

Instead of simply attacking and defensing, players are able to engage in dynamic live-action battles in Ninja’s World. Each Ninja is with different attack scope and speed and good at different skills such as attack and healing. The Ninja squads selected by players also matter in the entertainment of battles.

Players immersive themselves in Ninja’s World and upgrade their Ninja by clearing levels, acquiring equipments, and improving skills. PvP is also available for players to interact with each other.

Product progress: The alpha test was completed, and we have launched beta test on Dec 21 with the 1st-3rd chapters of main quest being online. The audit of contract code has been completed.


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  • Milestone 1: Ninja’s World is officially deployed to the IoTeX main chain

    • Duration (weeks): 2-4 weeks
    • Metrics: 2000-5000 active monthly users
    • Deliverables (make sure they can be easily verified): Bring much more traffic (Ninja’s World got 100k users) to the IoTeX main chain.
    • Funds request (USD): 10,000 USD
  • Milestone 2: Users can use NJW deployed on the IoTeX to purchase Ninja NFTs to participate in pve/pvp battles.

    • Duration (weeks): 1-2 weeks
    • Metrics: 1000 active monthly users
    • Deliverables (make sure they can be easily verified): Users can use NJW deployed on the IoTeX to purchase Ninja NFTs to participate in pve/pvp battles.
    • Funds request (USD): 10,000 USD

Total funds requested

[ Total Funding amount requested in USD ]
20,000 USD

About your Team

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-Andrew, the CEO of Ninja’s World, is an IT programmer with 10-year experience. He founded a game publishing company in 2014 and has published famous games such as ZT Online and Battle of Balls since then. Andrew entered the blockchain industry in 2017 and he is also the developer of Ninja Rebirth ( the original game of Ninja’s World and it’s not on the blockchain).
Ninja Rebirth has been running for 3 years with the turnover exceeding 1.3 billion dollars. The following is the social media of the original game:
Instagram:Login • Instagram

-COO, Mo, was a partner of a crypto exchange platform. Mo has 4-year blockchain project operation experience.
-CMO, Harley, was the CMO of the Chair platform(


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Play the game: Ninja's World
Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @NinjasWorldOfficial
Discord: DISCORD.IO | Ninja's World

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