Official IoTeX Delegates Thread

Welcome to the Official IoTeX Delegates thread – here you will find information regarding Delegate roles & responsibilities, requirements, and onboarding.

What is a Delegate?

IoTeX is a digital democracy where token holders will stake IOTX and vote for Delegates to maintain and grow the network. The top 36 voted Delegates are Consensus Delegates, who are responsible for processing transactions and producing blocks on behalf of the IoTeX Network. For their services, Delegates are rewarded in IOTX tokens.

You can find the full list of IoTeX Delegates here.

What Are the Requirements To Be a Delegate?

IoTeX is a decentralized network. As such, you do NOT need permission from the IoTeX Foundation to become a Delegate. All Delegates must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Staking & Votes
    – Self-stake at least 1.2 million IOTX
    – Receive more than 2 million votes
  • Technology
    – Hardware: primary + backup servers (16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 64-bit CPU, 8 cores @2.4GHz, 100 Mb/sec)
    – Software: Linux (Debian Stretch), Golang (1.11.x), Docker image support
  • Operations
    – Upgrade servers periodically to the latest software versions
    – Node monitoring and alerting tools for on-call support
    – Re-distribute rewards to voters

For full details, please refer to the IoTeX Delegate Handbook.

How Do I Become a Delegate?

We have compiled Delegate Registration Instructions – you may follow these steps to set up your Delegate node.

For onboarding support, you may contact an IoTeX team member via Telegram or email us at [email protected].


is this configuration still good to go?

Yes – should still be good to go! Message me if you have any questions / issues.