Official IoTeX Project Updates

IoTeX Project Update #10 — November 11- December 12, 2018

Technical & Development Updates

This release marks an important milestone for our project and includes exciting new features that preview our full-feature Mainnet Alpha launch in Q1 2019:

  • Sub-chain provisioning: support of two independent blockchains (root chain, sub-chain), running on separate databases in the IoTeX network
  • Cross-chain communication: ability to transfer value from root chain to sub-chain, with IoTeX Wallet support across both chains
  • Consensus enhancements: performance enhancements to Roll-DPoS (1,000+ TPS & 100+ node tests), and new security improvements
  • IoTeX Explorer v2.0: separate IoTeX Explorer pages to visualize both root chain and sub-chain activities
  • And much more! For full details please see our blog and demo video

IoTeX Mainnet Preview (Photon) Release

What can we expect in the coming months?

Photon marks the final version of the IoTeX Testnet — the countdown to our Mainnet Alpha launch in Q1 2019 has officially begun! Mainnet Alpha will be IoTeX’s biggest milestone yet, as it represents our formal transition from Testnet to Mainnet. To prepare for this important transition, the next few months will be action-packed across technical development, protocol/governance design, and thought leadership. Some exciting things to look out for over the next few months include:

  • Development of new features, including privacy-enabled sub-chains, and hardware
  • Software development kits (SDKs) and documentation to start a Testnet node
  • Fully open Testnet, where users can validate transactions, build decentralized applications (DApps), and explore the IoTeX network first-hand
  • Block Producer (BP) Election Program details will be shared
  • Bug bounties targeted at hackers / developers
  • Research papers on sub-chains, cross-chain communication, and Roll-DPoS
  • Community rewards programs to test features and promote IoTeX
  • Proofs of concept and demos showcasing IoTeX in action
  • And more…

IoTeX Testnet is now Open !

We are also thrilled to announce that the IoTeX Testnet is fully open to the community! Using our new software development kits (SDKs) and step-by-step developer documentation, anyone can easily start their own Testnet node, run transactions, deploy DApps, and much more. We can’t wait to see the great things you will build!

IoTeX is proud to be one of the first blockchain projects to receive the Binance Gold Project label! :muscle:Now Binance users and IOTX holders can get in-depth details on IoTeX’s team, real-time trading statistics, token economics, general IoTeX news, and more on Binance Info.

IoTeX (IOTX) is now an official “Gold Label Project” on Binance Info

New addition to our blog series on blockchain & IoT

In this blog, we take a deep dive into the multiple layers of the blockchain & IoT tech stack and describe how these layers ultimately come together to form end-to-end IoT solutions.

The Blockchain & IoT Tech Stack

Community Updates

Thank you for proposing so many great names! We received over 12,600 submissions and out of five finalists, Photon was the winner with ~27% of total votes. Thanks to all who participated!

Naming the Mainnet Preview!

Since we love connecting with our community and supporters through not only fun but meaningful engagements, we have launched a 3rd Roll Dice campaign, through which our community would have a deeper understanding of our most recent Mainnet Preview: Photon release.

IoTeX Roll Dice Campaign III — Photon

General AMA — November 23, 2018

Livestream Tech AMA — December 7, 2018


Thank you for those who joined our tech AMA and livestream session on December 7th! We had a great time answering your tech-related questions and talking about our technical progress so far and we would like to provide a brief summary for those of you who weren’t able to join, as well as, the questions that were chosen by the team and qualified for bonus points.

IoTeX Ambassadors Program

As we are growing fast on tech and partnerships development, we would like to continue focusing on our long-term success and grow our community in more regions and countries. Based on this initiative, we have launched the IoTeX Brand Ambassadors Program! Join us to build a stronger ecosystem together.

Please note: PHASE 1 of accepting applications has closed on November 9th @ 10 PM PDT. PHASE 2 is currently open and you can review the details and application form here:

Events & Conferences

November 8 — CES2019 Unveiled in New York

We were honored to be invited as the ONLY blockchain company to CES 2019 Unveiled event in New York on November 8 and join the celebration party with other emerging tech trends that will dominate the CES show floor in January. See you all soon in Las Vegas!

November 15Inclusive Fintech Summit in Singapore

Our co-founder Raullen was invited to attend the Inclusive Fintech Summit in Singapore and joined the panel discussion of “A Brand New World of Technology Convergence”, sharing thoughts on fintech development and adoptions.

You can also watch the recording of this session below (Raullen speak starting from 2:28:00)

November 16 — DVNCEO Summit in Mountain View

IoTeX is proud to be a Draper Network Portfolio company and we have been invited to attend DVNCEO Summit representing the blockchain sector and having an opportunity to have 1-on-1 meetings with 60+ Big Corporations like Panasonic, Delta Airlines, Siemens, CapitalOne, SAP, State Farm Insurance, TATA and more!

December 3–6— RISC-V Summit in Santa Clara

Our Head of Cryptography, Dr. Xinxin Fan attended this conference and got insights on Commercial & Open-Source Implementations, Software & Silicon, Vectors & Security, Applications and Accelerators, Simulation Infrastructure and much more with the industry leaders!

December 9–11— World Digital Asset Summit (“WDAS”) in San Francisco

Invited by New Do Venture, our co-founder Raullen attended WDAS 2018 hosted by IoT block, as the guest speaker at the Investor & Founder Panel discussing “Sharing Economy: A Testbed for Blockchain, IoT and Decentralized Governance” along with Origin protocol and Bee Token.

Community Contributions

IoTeX Explained #3— Privacy

This video was prepared by one of our Community Leaders, Simone, in which the benefits of a built-in privacy feature provided by the IoTeX blockchain is explained.

Interview of our Brand Ambassador, Simone

In this interview with Fabrizio, an Italian software developer, and blogger, Simone shares lots of interesting insights about the industry and IoTeX.

Quick guide on setting up a Testnet node from our community supporter Fabrizio

Check out this great blog post from one of our Community Leaders and supporters cryptweeter

IoTeX: The People Behind The Project

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IoTeX Project Update #9 — September 24-November 10, 2018

Technical Development

  • Launch of Mainnet preview is right on track, e.g., subchain management has been implemented, security and reliability of Roll-DPoS have been improved and developer SDK and its doc are close to being done.
  • IoTeX Network Explorer has been fully open-sourced on GitHub! Working with iotex-core, this repo allows everyone to connect the existing node/port to a self-built Explorer and monitor blockchain activities at the front end!

IoTeX Network Explorer has been Open Sourced!

  • Since launching our Testnet Beta “Epik” release, we have been using Kubernetes to deploy and optimize our Testnet infrastructure. We wanted to share our experience and guide you on how to run your own containerized applications and environments on Kubernetes.

[Deploy, operate, and monitor IoTeX cluster with Kubernetes

Partnerships / Business Development

IoTeX joined the Trusted IoT Alliance

We are proud to become a part of the Trusted IoT Alliance, a consortium of blockchain technology companies and enterprises (e.g., Bosch, Cisco, Gemalto) focused on leveraging blockchain infrastructure to secure and scale IoT ecosystems. The alliance is currently developing several industrial proofs of concept, to which IoTeX will contribute technical and academic expertise and resources.

IoTeX & NKN: Expanding the Reach and Impact of Blockchain Technology

Over the past couple of months, IoTeX and NKN have worked together on a smart home/sharing economy use case, which provides a decentralized alternative to traditional short-term home rental solutions. As both of our projects drive towards our respective Mainnet launches early next year, we hope to optimize coordination across various layers of the blockchain tech stack. We will work together on R&D, along with other partners across the various infrastructure pillars with the goal of driving holistic decentralized use cases. Furthermore, we will continue to iterate on our smart home proof of concept, and also explore additional use cases together.

New Blog series — Blockchain & IoT

#1. We often hear about the autonomous machine-to-machine ecosystems that will one day run on the blockchain, but what can we look forward to in the near future?

Blockchain & IoT: What’s it all about ?

#2. Why blockchain will ultimately activate IoT’s full potential by enabling interoperability across IoT devices, companies, and industries?

Blockchain’s Role in Today’s Internet of Things (IoT) Landscape

IoTeX teaches a course for University of Nicosia

IoTeX was invited to teach a distance learning course “Blockchain Technology and Applications”, as a part of the Master of Science program offered by the University of Nicosia, the largest university in Cyprus, Europe. Our co-founder Raullen Chai and staff blockchain engineer Zhijie Shen have shared their knowledge of blockchains and IoT to students from all around the world. Check out the full video to learn!

Two Academic Papers published

Our latest academic paper Scalable Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance with Short-Lived Signature Schemes has been accepted and published in CASCON 2018! CASCON is a premier industrial and academic conference for advanced studies in computer science and software engineering sponsored by the IBM Canada Laboratory. This paper describes that IoTeX proposed an efficient short-lived signature-based PBFT variant to improve the scalability of PBFT significantly.

IoTeX Published “Scalable Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance with Short-Lived Signature Schemes”…

The second academic paper titled “Roll-DPoS: A Randomized Delegated Proof of Stake Scheme for Scalable Blockchain-Based Internet of Things Systems” has been accepted and published in the proceedings of The 1st Workshop on Distributed Ledger of Things (DLoT 2018), which is co-located with EAI Mobiquitous 2018. This short paper describes the core components of the IoTeX’s in-house consensus algorithm Roll-DPoS. Our Head of Cryptography, Dr. Xinxin Fan, also joined the technical panel and discussed the hot topic “ Blockchain Meets the Internet of Things: Opportunities and Challenges ” during the workshop.

Community Updates

IoTeX Test-The-Net Bounty Program

At the end of August, we have released the Testnet Beta Release: Epik, which focused on bringing usability and tangibility to the IoTeX Testnet. We have involved our community in testing it’s features and improving the overall code release, by holding the Test-The-Net campaign. To show our appreciation for your support, we had selected 50 winners that received bonus points for their efforts!

Tech AMA — September 28, 2018

We connected with our subreddit community for a bi-weekly tech-focused AMA . We appreciate your continuous curiosity and efforts! Thank you all for the thoughtful questions submitted, and congratulations to those who asked the most interesting & thoughtful questions that got chosen to receive bonus points.

AMA with Founders — October 12, 2018

Our founders were in our Official Telegram group answering your questions! Thank you to everyone who has participated in this session, we had a great time connecting with you!

Tech AMA & Livestream with Founders — October 26, 2018

We have hosted another AMA session with IoTeX’s founders, but this time it was a livestream, before and during which, you had a chance to ask us tech-related questions! Check out the full video here:

And we have also prepared a short written summary here:

General AMA — November 9th, 2018

IoTeX Ambassadors Program

As we are growing fast on tech and partnerships development, we would like to continue focusing on our long-term success and grow our community in more regions and countries. Based on this initiative, we have launched the IoTeX Brand Ambassadors Program! Join us to build a stronger ecosystem together.

Please note: PHASE 1 of our Brand Ambassadors Program will be closing on Friday, November 9th at 10 PM PDT. All of the selected candidates for this round will be contacted by Monday, November 12th and we will advise you of the next steps. Check details and application form here:

Naming the Mainnet Preview Campaign

As our early supporters know, each of our code release was named after a permutation of the name of world-class cryptographer/Mathematician. There is no exception this time for our Mainnet Preview. The only difference is — it is our dear community, you, who will be choosing the name for us through our wallet and smart contract! Both parts of this campaign have already ended and right now we are evaluating the voting results before we announce the winners. Please check our forum for the latest updates.

Events & Conferences

October 3 — Career Fair @ Stanford University

We had a great time communicating with talents, as well as, enjoyed sharing thoughts with other projects at Stanford Blockchain Career Fair. We are actively looking for technical & marketing talents and if you think you are the one, we want to hear from you. Please see the current openings here

October 4–5 Global Blockchain Forum

October 5–7 ETH San Francisco

October 25 — IoT in Action summit by Microsoft

October 27 — DoraHacks hackathon in Seoul

October 29 — IoTeX Meet-up & Networking in Toronto

October 29 — Cisco & EDB Blockchain Summit
IoTeX was invited to attend Cisco & EDB Blockchain Summit in Singapore, which is a high-level private summit host by Cisco and attended by VP-level executives in broader supply chain industry leaders. Our co-founder Qevan represented IoTeX as a speaker in the session of Barriers to Adoption — A Trusted IOT Alliance Perspective.

October 29–31 CASCON Conference in Toronto
Our head of cryptography, Dr. Fan was invited to speak at CASCON conference and present our latest academic paper on PBFT.

Community Contributions

IoTeX Explained #1 — Blockchains-in-blockchain

This video was prepared by one of our Community Leaders, Simone, in which the structure of our blockchains-in-blockchain architecture is explained.

IoTeX Explained #2 — Roll-DPoS Consensus

Another video prepared by Simone, that explains in detail how our innovative consensus mechanism works.

IoTeX Project Update #8–9/1/18–9/23/18

Technical Development

  • Migrated to develop on the public code repo directly instead of developing internally and syncing the code to it.
  • Released two patch releases (v0.3.1 and v0.3.2) which fixed the bugs on smart contract read access and address validation logic.
  • Brainstorming the design of cross-chain communication solution and scoping the MVP implementation for the next milestone release.
  • Improved our consensus robustness by rotating time slots on proposing a block.
  • Improved the storage robustness by committing all states in one batch
  • Supported rolling back to a certain block.

IoTeX Profile System Update

To protect the community accounts security and the fairness of all the campaigns, we have made a few updates to the profile system.

  • We have finished auditing all accounts. Fraud accounts are banned. Unprocessed redemption applications have been wiped.
  • If you log in through email, please login, connect your account with Telegram or Phone Number (CN only). Then you are able to submit the token redemption application to get IOTX tokens.
  • The minimum redemption requirements have been raised from 100 points to 1,000 points to speed up the overall redemption process and prevent fraud activities.

We hope to provide a fair and secure environment for our community. Thank you for your support!

Community Updates

IoTeX Roll Dice Campaign II — September 4, 2018

On September 4, we introduced the fun campaign for our community to participate in, while getting more knowledge on our Epik code release. We love connecting with our community and supporters through not only fun but meaningful engagements. On this note, the purpose was to encourage our community to have a deeper understanding of our recent Testnet Beta: Epik release and our new product — IoTeX wallet version 1.0. We have received tremendous support from the community to join and most of the participants got the correct answers for those random difficult questions!

IoTeX Roll Dice Campaign II Details

IoTeX Officially Sponsors Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems (CHES) Conference

IoTeX is honored to be the ONLY blockchain project participating and sponsoring the Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems (CHES 2018) Conference ! CHES is the largest of IACR’s conferences and the leading conference on all aspects of cryptographic engineering.

From September 9 to 12, IoTeX’s Head of Cryptography, Dr.Xinxin Fan will attend CHES 2018 which is held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We are thrilled to sponsor and attend this top conference and enjoy creating in-depth discussions with the industry-leading researchers and practitioners related to recent progress in areas of blockchain and cryptography who have established great foundations for conducting further collaborative research and partnerships.

Check more details here

IoTeX General AMA — September 14, 2018

On September 14, we connected with our subreddit community again with another bi-weekly general AMA and reward our community for asking questions. We appreciate your continuous curiosity and efforts! Thank you all for the thoughtful questions submitted, and for being patient with us as the IoTeX team answer your questions one-by-one.

IoTeX General AMA — September 14, 2018 Details

Panel Discussion Organized by ASBV, ZDPVT, and Ludos in China

On September 12, our co-founder Qevan was representing IoTeX at the panel discussion held by ASBV, ZDPVT and Ludos in China, sharing thoughts on building public chain infrastructure, ecosystem and DApp development with Origin, Tencent Global and other blockchain experts.

2018 IEEE-NIST Global Blockchain Summit

Fruitful trip with our Head of Cryptography Dr. Fan at the 2018 IEEE-NIST Global Blockchain Summit holding in NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Headquarters in Gaithersburg, Maryland from 9/17/2018–9/19/2018!

This summit brings together thought leaders, decision-makers, and technologists to discuss the challenges and opportunities of blockchain technology.

Attendees from academia, government, and industry will present on various topics including the current technology landscape, applications, use cases, policy, and regulations to help instill providence tracking functionality into vital internet applications reliant on trusted immutable data. Lots of networking, learning, and ideas being shared! Check more details here:

IoTeX Test-The-Net Bounty Program

At the end of August, we were excited to release the Testnet Beta Release: Epik, focusing on bringing usability and tangibility to the IoTeX Testnet. In the past two weeks, we have received a huge amount of positive feedback on this release. In this campaign, we would like to get our community involved in the improvement of our Testnet development as well as give a thank-you gift to celebrate the successful release!

Through this three-day campaign, our community has provided abundant valuable testing results for us to better target potential bugs/problems in the network. We will spend the next few weeks to fundamentally solve the problems, getting prepared for the ongoing Mainnet development Some participants will be randomly selected to the winners next week. Thanks again for your contribution to IoTeX Testnet development!

Hashed x XSQUARE Singapore

On September 17, IoTeX was invited to attend the private event organized by XSQUARE and Hashed in Singapore, coming together for an afternoon of power-packed content, high-level talents combining the future of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies industry.

Consensus Singapore

From 9/19/2018 to 9/20/2018, the IoTeX team also attended the Consensus Singapore organized by CoinDesk to enhance the connected innovations with blockchain technology and crypto-assets.

It has featured 75+ speakers and 50+ sponsors across 2 days of powerful insights, industry announcements, and cross-industry networking opportunities. We had exciting and valuable communications and discussions with our partners, industry leaders, and friends there!

IoTeX Project Update #7–8/10/18–8/31/18

Token Release Schedule

Since we issued the IOTX token in late May, we have learned a great deal regarding the role of our token in the broader IoTeX ecosystem. The IOTX token will play a crucial role in the IoTeX Mainnet — it will be used as “gas” for the blockchain, root/subchain management, network-wide governance, and more. After much deliberation, and taking these considerations into account, we believe the most effective approach to guarantee a thriving IoTeX Mainnet is to align our token distribution schedule with the public launch of the IoTeX Mainnet in Q1 2019.

We couldn’t have made this decision alone. We are lucky to have the support of our community, who have provided valuable feedback to us every step of the way. Over this past month, we have also discussed several potential options with our private sale investors, IoTeX core team, and advisors, who are most affected by this decision due to the extended lockup of their tokens. We are appreciative to have their overwhelming support, which reaffirms their long-term belief in our project, and are even more motivated than ever to deliver on our vision.

Token Release Schedule Update Details

Distribution and Locked IOTX Tokens

On August 24, we have announced the rotation of accounts holding locked IOTX tokens to ensure security best practices. This is highly necessary as we prepare for the upcoming distribution of IOTX tokens. Before the end of August, as scheduled, 1.9% of the total token token supply will be released. For the full details of our token distribution schedule. As scheduled, the tokens will be distributed from the IoTeX Ecosystem and Community Reward Program buckets.

Token Distribution Details

Testnet Beta (Codename “Epik”) Release

On August 29, we launched the last of our Testnet phases, Testnet Beta (Codename “Epik”)! It was an extremely thrilling day as this is not only the last phase before IoTeX enters Mainnet, but also the first opportunity we have allowed you, our community, to send transactions and directly interact with one another within our Testnet environment.

You can check out the code on Github here

IoTeX firmly stands behind prioritizing usability, which plays a crucial role in bridging users, developers, and IoTeX. This priority has navigated us in highlighting the implementation of smart contracts and wallet in Epik, allowing us to begin gathering feedback on usability features that are crucial to the developer experience. We encourage you, our community, to interact and send transactions to your friends to test out our wallet features!

Detailed instructions for running the Epik code are provided in this README.file , and our detailed demo videos can be found here

Testnet Beta (Codename “Epik”) Details

Welcome Tian Pan to our Tech Team!

Tian has just joined us as a Staff Software Engineer to architect and develop products. Prior to IoTeX, he was a senior software engineer and tech lead at Uber, improving user experiences and security through sign-in, sign-up, account management. From Yale University, Tian studied computer science and decentralized systems.


From our last project update, we have since announced 5 additional amazing strategic partners to join our Partnerships program. We have ambitious goals for each one and are striving to make them a reality as soon as possible in alignment with our own roadmap as well.

Strategic Partner — Weeve: Partnering to Enable Trusted IoT Data Marketplaces

On August 15, we unveiled our fourth strategic partnership with Weeve, a Berlin-based project building a decentralized platform to transform IoT data into tradeable digital assets. Weeve uses patented cryptographic technologies to attest data (i.e., certify the originating source, harvest, process, transport etc. of ‘digital asset’ to the blockchain for trading) and curates a platform for entities to deploy novel data monetization services based on this certified data.

With Weeve, IoTeX aims to offer a promising alternative to securely store and trade IoT data as a digital asset, while pushing data ownership to the end user.

Weeve Strategic Partnership Details

Strategic Partner — Celer Network: Bringing Internet-Level Scalability to IoTeX Blockchain

Following our announcement with Weeve, we introduced our strategic partner Celer Network, one of the premier projects working on off-chain scaling solutions and research. Co-founded by four Ph. Ds from MIT, Princeton, UC Berkeley, and UIUC, Celer Network is blockchain agnostic and horizontally scalable, combining a unique technology and economic architecture to drastically increase the scalability of blockchains through off-chain scaling techniques.

IoTeX and Celer are partnering to change the status quo and increase the scalability, flexibility, and usability of the blockchain. Throughout our technical development, IoTeX will explore and utilize Celer’s off-chain scaling technology to improve the performance of the IoTeX root chain and sub-chains.

Celer Strategic Partnership Details

Strategic Partner — GSENetwork: Empowering an IoT-Driven Global Sharing Economy

Most recently, we revealed yet another strategic partnership with GSENetwork, a Singapore-based project building a decentralized sharing economy network with the goal of eliminating the need for centralized intermediaries and solving trust issues that currently burden the growth of the sharing economy.

The primary purpose of our partnership will be to expand the capabilities of today’s sharing economy by incorporating smart IoT devices, blockchain technology, and token economic incentives. In addition to addressing existing sharing economy issues, our long-term goal is to design and launch a brand new features usable in several sharing economy domains, such as enhanced process automation (e.g., smart locks), traceability of assets (e.g., shared bicycles, shared cars), and privacy of user data.

GSENetwork Strategic Partnership Details

Community Updates

IoTeX General AMA — August 17, 2018

On August 17, we connected with our subreddit community again with another bi-weekly general AMA. We appreciate your continuous curiosity and efforts! We also held another AMA today (8/31) focused on our recent code release of Testnet Beta (codename “Epik”). We will cover the details and recap of this AMA in the next project update!

IoTeX General AMA — August 17, 2018 Details

IoTeX Meetup & Galactic Blockchain Community Happy Hour

On August 19, IoTeX’s Head of BD joined NKN and Theta Network is hosting a great panel discussion in SF for the Galactic Blockchain Happy Hour! Bringing the SF blockchain community together, we would like to thank Starfish Mission for collaborating with us and co-hosting such a successful event. Huge thanks to everyone who came out as well! We had a great time spurring intriguing conversations around blockchain and the crypto space.

International Cryptography Conference 2018

From August 19 to 23, IoTeX’s Head of Cryptography, Dr.Xinxin Fan attended Crypto 2018 which is the 38th International Cryptology Conference held at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). We are honored to have been able to sponsor such an esteemed conference and to create a fruitful discussion with researchers and industry practitioners related to recent progress in areas of blockchain and cryptography who have established great foundations for conducting further collaborative research between IoTeX and crypto communities.

More on this conference, it is organized by the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) and attracted more than 700 participants all around the world this year. Crypto 2018 was preceded by three days of workshops on a wide range of topics such as cryptocurrencies, post-quantum cryptography, TLS 1.3, etc. The main conference focused on advanced cryptography research topics including secure multi-party computation, zero-knowledge proof, homomorphic encryption, and more. As mentioned before, IoTeX sponsored this conference alongside 24 various companies, investment firms, and government funding agencies.

Partnerships & Founders Livestream Campaign

From August 24 to August 28, we held our Partnerships and Founders Livestream Campaign on Twitter! We are overwhelmed with the amount of participation this garnered. You guys were on fire with this! Congratulations to everyone who was able to figure out part #1 and/or part #2’s correct answers. Points will be distributed no later than September 5th!

We also held our Founders livestream today which was made eligible for participants who successfully completed part #1 and/or part #2 of our Partnerships campaign. An updated recap and summary will be posted on this project update over the weekend!

Crypto BBQ

On August 23, our Community Manager Alina attended the first open-air conference to be held in Russia. 30 lectures were given from experts in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and fintech. Among the attendees, we had a chance to meet crypto-enthusiasts, developers, businessmen, investors and representatives from exchanges and VC’s!

Project Update #6 – 7/25/18–8/10/18

Technical Developments

  • Finished the rewriting of Roll-DPoS consensus implementation, which makes the CPU utilization be improved by ~100%
  • Started to integrate IoTeX blockchain with Ethereum smart contract/Solidity
  • Implemented the MVP IoTeX web wallet

Welcome Yutong to our Tech Team!

Yutong has just joined us as a Staff Blockchain Engineer to architect and develop IoTeX blockchains. Holding an M.S. in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, Yutong has a rich experience in security and distributed systems. Before IoTeX, Yutong was the tech lead in Uber ’s Identity & Security team, the mastermind behind Uber’s authentication systems. Before that, he was a member of the Technical Staff at Upthere , focusing on user account security and data protection. Yutong is also a white hat hacker, holding a number of bounties under his name including Facebook and Evernote. He also presented in Blackhat as a speaker back in 2016.


Partnership Program Kickoff

We are extremely excited and happy to officially share that our Partnership Program went live on July 31. Throughout this year, we have had the pleasure of meeting many potential partners in the blockchain, IoT, connectivity, and smart device industries. Through these interactions, we have gained valuable insights about our role in the blockchain and IoT ecosystems, as well as reaffirmed the importance of aligning ourselves with strategic partners that share similar values and vision.

Head to IoTeX Official Partnership Program Launch to read more on our philosophy, structure, and potential benefits on our strategic partners.

Official Partnership Website Launched

Following our official announcement of IoTeX’s Partnership Program, we also launched our official partnership website to the public on August 2! This website showcases our strategic partnerships across development partners (e.g., IoT companies, blockchain projects), ecosystem partners (e.g., distributors, incubators), and alliances. We are proud and eager to show you what is to come in the near future with our partners. You can follow with us on this journey here

Strategic Partner — Lineable: Expanding the Reach and Impact of Wearables with Blockchain

With both our partnership program and website officially underway, we shared with our community our first strategic partnership with Lineable , a wearable device based in Seoul, South Korea. Although it is too early to publicize concrete milestones and timelines, IoTeX and Lineable are both committed to one overarching goal: connect all of Lineable’s devices to the IoTeX blockchain in 2019. We look forward to working with Lineable to ensure their DApp fully leverages the capabilities of IoTeX’s blockchain to make Lineable’s vision a reality.

Lineable Partnership details

More about LineableSemtech’s LoRa Technology Help Saves Alzheimer Patients in Real-Time

Strategic Partner — LianAn: Formally Verifying the Security of IoTeX

Following our Lineable strategic partner announcement, we also shared with the community our LianAn partnership. Chengdu LianAn Technology is a formal verification company focused on blockchain security, based in Chengdu, China. LianAn’s core technology is formal verification of security-critical systems, and they have provided their services to the aerospace, military, and now blockchain industries. LianAn recently launched their Verification-as-a-Service (VaaS) platform, which offers automated and robust blockchain and smart contract verification for EOS, Ethereum, and other blockchains / smart contract languages.

In addition to leveraging LianAn’s formal verification services, IoTeX will also work with LianAn on research for blockchain and smart contract security. IoTeX looks forward to working with LianAn and other ecosystem members to combine our strengths and advance innovation in privacy and smart contracts.

LianAn Technology Partnership details

Strategic Partner — SmartHab: Smart Buildings and Cities Powered by IoTeX

Last, of the first week of announcements but not the least, we have also officially announced our SmartHab partnership. Based in Paris, SmartHab was founded in 2016 by veterans from the real estate and technology industries. SmartHab builds and installs end-to-end smart apartment solutions, which connect various types of smart devices to automate apartment operations (e.g., security, HVAC, lighting) and add transparency for both residents and building owners. Their next goal is to create a decentralized platform that will become the standard for smart building data notarization.

As two organizations at the forefront of IoT security innovation, the primary goal of our partnership will be to ensure the HAB platform best utilizes the IoTeX blockchain to capture maximum security, privacy, and usability benefits. Although no concrete timelines have been set, we hope to successfully launch the HAB platform on the IoTeX blockchain in 2019.

SmartHab Technology Partnership details

More about SmartHabFunding From Real Estate Giants Connected Apartments

Community Updates

IoLove Creations Campaign (Now Closed!)

From July 23-July 30, we received so much love from our community through our IoLove Creations Campaign. Countless #CreatedWithIoLovesubmissions from supporters all around the world blew the IoTeX team away. We were impressed not only because of the amazing artistic skills our community holds but also because of the resonating message these artworks conveyed over and over again — IoTeX’s community is globally strong and is one that has proven to think outside of the box. We are honored to have a community with such vigor and dedication! On this note, the IoTeX team would like to showcase #IoLoveFeatures, submissions that we believe have encapsulated the spirit of the campaign perfectly if not better than what we had imagined it to be. Congratulations to the top 100 submissions, and thank you to everyone who participated. It’s been our pleasure hosting this campaign!

**IIoLove Creations Campaign details (#IoLoveFeatures included!)

General IoTeX and Cryptodiffer AMA — 8/3/2018

As promised, we are completely transparent with our project, team, and more, delivering AMAs bi-weekly to reward our community for asking questions. For this week, we held two AMA’s for our community on our own subreddit as well as Cryptodiffer’s discord channel. Thank you all for the thoughtful questions submitted, and for being patient with us as the IoTeX team answer your questions one-by-one.

IoTeX General AMA — 8/3/2018 details

CryptoDiffer Discord AMA — 8/3/2018 details

IoTeX Meetup & Galactic Blockchain Community Happy Hour

The IoTeX team will be hosting a meetup in San Francisco on August 17 from 5:30PM-8:30PM. We hope to make more personable relationships with our community and supporters! Come by for both the IoTeX meetup and the Galactic Blockchain Community Happy Hour event. Look forward to drinks, snacks, and great conversation! Check this link out to RSVP and for more details.

Galactic Blockchain Community Happy Hour

Crypto 2018 (38th International Cryptology Conference)

From August 19–23, IoTeX will be sponsoring the Crypto 2018 (38th International Cryptology Conference which will be held at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). IoTeX will be one of the only few blockchain projects chosen to sponsor this renown event alongside Ethereum Foundation , Zcash , and IOHK (Cardano) . Crypto 2018 is the top one amongst three most popular academic conferences worldwide for the international cryptography industry. This academic conference covers many fields including security analysis of symmetric cryptography, cryptography theory and practices, algorithmic number theory, cryptography for IoT, and more. We look forward to attending this conference which is organized by the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR), and to sharing thoughts with industry/academic leaders.

Crypto 2018 details

IoTeX Project Update #5 — 7/9/18–7/26/18

Technical Development

  • We have finished our “quality weeks”, fixing many code quality issues as well as improving the blockchain performance and robustness.
  • For example, DB writes speed has been improved by 10x while crypto operations have been improved by 4x.
  • We have started using Kubernetes to deploy and monitor TestNet, and are in the process of pushing it to a greater scale.
  • We are improving Roll-DPoS consensus implementation and are continuing on the candidate pool and advanced crypto library integration.
  • We are investigating different virtual machines and smart contract technologies.
  • We are working on several research papers, which finalize the Roll-DPoS design and the consensus simulation framework.

DigitalOcean Sponsor

Big thanks to DigitalOcean for sponsoring our IoTeX testnets! The IoTeX team appreciates the support. DigitalOcean is a cloud computing platform where teams can build, deploy, and scale cloud applications faster and more efficiently. More information here: DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean – The developer cloud

Helping millions of developers easily build, test, manage, and scale applications of any size – faster than ever before.

Community Updates

Change/Verify ETH Address — New Profile System Feature

The IoTeX team is excited to share with you all a new feature to our profile system implemented on July 19! With this new feature, our community can now change and verify ETH addresses linked to respective accounts on We strive to always improve the usability and overall experience for our community to track and manage IoTeX points! We will have more features coming soon, so keep your eyes out for further updates.

Detailed instructions in how you can change/verify your ETH address are listed in this blog post:
Profile System - Change/Verify ETH Address

Rome Meetup

On July 11, we had a great and intimate meetup with some of our Italian community in Rome. Larry, IoTeX’s Head of BD, spoke on the intersection of IoT and long-time IoTeX supporter Simone shared his passion for IoTeX!

Korea Blockchain Week

We kicked off Korea Blockchain Week with two days on July 16–18 at the Beyond Blocks Summit in Seoul! Our team was productive and busy at meeting with blockchain builders, crypto investors, and IoT applications.

Block72 Blockchain x Industry Meetup

On July 19, our co-founder Raullen Chai spoke at Block72’s “Blockchain x Industry: Bringing Blockchain Technology to the Mainstream” along with Kyber Network, Theta Network, Zilliqa, Quantstamp, Certik! It was a meetup with over 250+ attendees from Korea and all around the world. We had a successful panel discussion diving into how to decentralize our current industries.

Hashed Night

We are extremely grateful to have #Hashed as not only our investors but friends as well. Thank you for having us for #Hashed Night! It was a great and friendly event mingling with everyone!

IoTeX Co-founder Raullen Chai and Head of BD Larry Pang at #Hashed Night

Crypto Meets Korea Meetup/VIP Night

The IoTeX team closed up Korea Blockchain Week hosting the Crypto Meets Korea Meetup and VIP Night event on July 20. We had an amazing turnout and truly enjoyed meeting everyone who came out. Big thanks to Muzika for hosting these events with us! It was a fruitful night with international crypto leaders, Korean crypto and traditional VCs/enterprises to end a great week.

Livestream in China

As mentioned in IoTeX’s Project Update #4, our Co-Founder Raullen Chai joined a Chinese livestream for the first time on July 6 sharing about IoTeX’s recent Testnet Alpha: Strive, and the Roll-DPoS consensus mechanism. “比特币世界” is a famous livestream channel in China. It is now available for you in the form of a playlist to watch on YouTube if you missed the livestream!

It is only available in Chinese currently, but we are working on providing English subtitles!

Roll Dice Campaign

A month ago, we had our second code release of Testnet Alpha: Strive which featured a new implementation of our Roll-DPoS consensus mechanism. We wanted to introduce a fun way that our community can be rewarded for gaining a deeper understanding of our second code release’s technical advancements through the Roll Dice Campaign.
We hope the odds were your favor and that you earned some IOTX points! We strive to further improve and deliver fun/seamless campaigns to engage with you all more in the future.

General AMA Campaign (July 20, 2018)

On July 20, 2018, we delivered another General AMA engaging with our community on Reddit! We are incredibly pleased with the number of people who participated in our AMA this week and with the thoughtfulness of the questions received. As always, the IoTeX team is extremely grateful for our community’s support and curiosity to deepen their knowledge of IoTeX’s project in all aspects possible. If you did not get a chance to participate in our AMA this week, rest assured! Our AMAs are now bi-weekly, so we will have another AMA very soon yet again. Read up more on the recap of the AMAs and view the most thoughtful questions we received!

SF Cryptocurrency Devs Meetup

On July 25, our tech team including Head of Cryptography Dr.Xinxin Fan, Blockchain Engineer Zhijie Shen, and Co-Founder Qevan Guo gave a deep dive into the IoTeX network at the SF Cryptocurrency Devs meetup. The meetup was an engineers-only-developer meet up for blockchain engineers seeking to learn about the innovation surrounding new and emerging applications of cryptography to digital currencies.

IoLove Creations Campaign (Ongoing until 7/30, 2PM PDT!)

We have just kicked off our IoLove Creations campaign that is ongoing right now until 7/30/2018, 2PM PDT!

Show your love and creativity for IoTeX to win some IOTX points by participating in this campaign through Twitter. Create something with any creative medium of your choice that delivers the message of why you love and support IoTeX and tag us on Twitter @iotex_io with your unique IoTeX HashID and “#CreatedWithIoLove” in your caption.

IoTeX Project Update #4 — 5/21/18–7/9/18

Token Issuance and Listing Updates

Token Issuance

On May 23 (2PM PDT), we held our global token launch for the IOTX token! We successfully and seamlessly converted our community members’ points that they received in various community reward programs into tokens tradable on exchanges. The IOTX token is the utility token for IoTeX blockchains, used for various purposes including gas for the blockchain, root chain and sub chain management, and network-wide governance.

We have also we prepared a “Global Token Launch FAQs” video for you to learn more about the purpose of the IOTX token and token issuance / listing details. We hope this video answers your questions!

Token Listing

Following our token issuance, we have been listed on three top cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, , and Kucoin !

Finalizing our first set of listings on top exchanges has been a rigorous process full of legal and operational hurdles, but we are thankful for your patience and happy to finally announce this news. We truly appreciate the trust and support from every single one of you. Thank you again for your continued support!

Technical Updates

Testnet Alpha (“Strive”) Release

We launched our second code release, Testnet Alpha (codename “Strive”), on June 28! It was an extremely exciting day as the IoTeX team has been working endlessly on delivering this release to our community. It is now officially live and open sourced.

You can check out the code on our Github here: GitHub

Build software better, together

GitHub is where people build software. More than 40 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects.

We have received great feedback with this release, especially alongside the launch of our IoTeX Explorer which can be found on

In this second release, Testnet Alpha strengthens IoTeX’s innovations introduced in our first code release, Testnet Preview (“StoneVan”) and adds some exciting new in-house features. Most notably, the implementation of our optimized elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) library and full implementation of our in-house consensus mechanism, Roll-DPoS, reinforce the goals of privacy, scalability, decentralization, and interoperability.

Detailed instructions for running the Strive code are provided in this README file, and a detailed demo video can also be found here

The IoTeX-core project is open sourced and licensed under the Apache License 2.0 — we are thrilled to have the support of contributors outside of the core team! Contributions to help IoTeX reach its full potential, including style/bug fixes, feature recommendations, proposals for schemes/algorithms, and help with documentation, are all welcomed and greatly appreciated. For code contributions, please refer to our Contribution Guidelines for more information. To report issues, please file an issue on our Github page.

Academic Paper (DKSAP-IoT)

We released an academic paper, “ Faster Dual-key Stealth Address for Blockchain-based Internet of Things Systems (icbc2018–9009)” that was accepted and published in early June by one of the world’s most reputable academic blockchain conferences, the 2018 International Conference on Blockchain (ICBC 2018)! This paper describes IoTeX’s enhancements to the already state-of-the-art dual-key stealth address protocol (DKSAP), which is used by projects like Monero. IoTeX’s new protocol (named “DKSAP-IoT”) is an IoT-friendly adaptation of DKSAP, which reduces computational overhead by 50% compared to DKSAP, paving the way for its application to blockchain-based IoT systems.

See the full “ Faster Dual-key Stealth Address for Blockchain-based Internet of Things Systems (icbc2018–9009)” paper here:

IoTeX Published DKSAP-IoT in ICBC 2018, Reduces Computational Overhead By 50%

Yellow Paper (Roll-DPos)

We are thrilled to also announce that on July 1, we have published our yellow paper on Roll-DPoS, our in-house randomized DPoS consensus mechanism, which is implemented in our latest code release: Testnet Alpha (codename “Strive”)!

This paper from the IoTeX R&D team is a technical deep dive into the cryptographic techniques used to optimize the consensus process for large-scale IoT systems. Our Roll-DPoS consensus mechanism enables massive scalability with a more decentralized approach than normal DPoS. See how we achieved this in our yellow paper here .

Welcome Zhijie to Our Tech Team!
Staff Blockchain Engineer

Zhijie has just joined us as a Staff Blockchain Engineer to architect and develop IoTeX blockchains. He has a wealth of experience in distributed systems, P2P networks and big data over the past 10 years. Zhijie was actively working on open source projects such as MapReduce, Pig and Samza. He is the committer and PMC of Hadoop and Samza , and a member of Apache Software Foundation . Having earned a Ph.D in Computer Science at National University of Singapore, Zhijie also has 10+ publications and patents.

Zhijie was formerly leading efficiency and optimization of data infrastructure at Facebook. Before that, he was a member of the Technical Staff at Hortonworks, focusing on Hadoop YARN, which is the resource management system for various Hadoop ecosystem workloads. Prior to Hortonworks, Zhijie was working as a Software Development Engineer at Microsoft, working on a cloud-based file synchronization service.

Community Updates

IoTeX Profile System

Shortly after our token issuance on May 23, our profile system went live to assist the community in redeeming points earned from community reward programs. It is accessible from our website ( to help minimize scams and fraudulent activities, improve user experience and security, and to make it easier to manage IoTeX points.

You can view your ETH address, view your points earned from our community reward programs, and submit points redemption applications.

More detailed instructions here: IoTeX Token Issuance Announcement

Login Page

AMA Campaign (June 2018)

To welcome IoTeX’s ‘Technology Month’ in June, the IoTeX team held an AMA on Reddit to answer any questions the community had for us regarding topics ranging from tech, to our team, to tokens, and even our favorite movies (basically anything)!

Thank you to everyone who participated and for raising such thoughtful questions. We appreciate the support and always love engaging with our community! Check out the AMA details here: IoTeX AMA — June 2018

Tech AMA Campaign (July 2018)

We held another AMA to begin July, focusing on more technical questions especially around Roll-DPoS and our recent Testnet Alpha: Strive release. Again, thank you so much to everyone who participated! We received great questions from the community and as always, the IoTeX team loves engaging with you all. We are excited to announce that we will be holding AMAs to the community bi-weekly from here on out! Each AMA may center around different topics, so keep an eye out for them to get participation points and bonus points for submitting the most thoughtful questions.

Check out the AMA details here: IoTeX AMA — July 2018 (Roll-DPoS)

First IoTalks Launched

With the goal of sharing candid perspectives on the broader blockchain ecosystem and more about IoTeX’s team, we introduced the first IoTalk on June 7! In this first IoTalk, we shared a chat with one of the masterminds behind IoTeX’s technology — our Head of Cryptography, Dr. Xinxin Fan. In this video , Dr. Xinxin Fan introduces DKSAP-IoT and delves more into IoTeX’s innovations.

Meetups (LG Executive Group, DoraHacks, FRII)

The IoTeX team had an engaging month of meetups in May and June! We had a great time connecting and sharing in-depth views of IoTeX’s vision and philosophy with developers and enthusiasts of blockchain related-challenges. Thank you to everyone who spent time with us to participate in our events and community meetups.

On June 18, co-founder Jing gave an insightful presentation to the LG Executive Group , shared IoTeX vision of Internet of Things exploration, reached consensus with the audiences, and elaborated how IoTeX would use revolutionary privacy-centric blockchain infrastructure and decentralized networks to change the traditional perceptions of the IoT.

Meanwhile, our Co-Founder Raullen, joined by Head of Cryptography, Dr. Xinxin Fan and Blockchain Staff Engineer, Zhijie, held a meetup with the hackers from Dorahacks community, and had an in-depth, sincere and productive exchange of views on next generation E-health, renewable energy & smart power, smart homes and general blockchain-related challenges.

On June 28, our Community Manager Alina attended the FRII meetup in Moscow, bringing together startups and corporations!

Conferences (Blockchain Korea , Crypto Developers, Blockchain Connect, ICBC)

In addition to meetups, the IoTeX team had a fast-paced and productive month in attending several conferences delivering keynote speeches and sponsoring and participating in a hackathon.

IoTeX began the month attending the 2018 Blockchain Korea Conference in Seoul which was hosted by Asia Economy TV, Ether Lab, and GBIC! Our co-founder Qevan Guo spoke on “how blockchain technology can change our lives”. It was an amazing day of panels, interviews, and networking for the IoTeX team to share our vision with the global blockchain community.

Held from June 10–12, IoTeX attended the CPC Crypto Developers Conference at Stanford University. Our co-founder Raullen Chai delivered a keynote speech to unveil for the first time our Roll-DPoS consensus mechanism and joined a privacy-focused panel with ZCash, Enigma, and more.

Dorahacks: Blockchain for Future Hackathon
The IoTeX team manning the booth at Blockchain Connect!

The IoTeX team attended the Blockchain Connect Conference held at the San Jose Convention Center on June 26–27 engaging with investors and enthusiasts at our booth. Our IoTeX hacker team also participated in DoraHacks’ Blockchain for Future Hackathon! They were hard at work all night and finished with an amazing solar energy project.

In Seattle, WA, Dr.Xinxin Fan, our Head of Cryptography at IoTeX shared his research on dual-key stealth addresses (DKSAP-IoT) at the International Conference on Blockchain (ICBC 2018) on June 28.


IoTeX has also made huge strides this past month with a few partnerships we are excited to share with you all.

We announced our partnership focused on blockchain and smart contract security with CertiK on June 14. CertiK is a blockchain and smart contract verification platform founded by top formal verification experts from Yale and Columbia University and former senior software engineers from Google, Facebook and FreeWheel. CertiK has verified the IOTX token contract, and IoTeX will continue to work with CertiK and other global project contributors to ensure their blockchain and smart contracts are truly secure.


Millions of people trust Blockfolio to stay connected to the pulse of the industry through detailed pricing, market data, news, and direct updates from leaders of top crypto projects.

We are also honored to announce that we have partnered with Blockfolio and joined their private beta for Signal. Blockfolio is a free crypto portfolio management app offering complete cryptocurrency management with easy-to-use tools to keep track of all your cryptocurrency investments.

imToken, CoboWallet, and MyEtherWallet Now Supports IOTX

Beginning June, imToken began natively supporting IOTX. Similar with BTC, ETH, and 19 other popular tokens, IOTX can easily be added to imToken without manually entering the detailed contact address. imToken is the world’s largest Ethereum digital asset wallet, with more than 100,000 daily new users and 4 million monthly active users.

We also received native support from CoboWallet and IOTX can also be added to CoboWallet without needing to manually enter the detailed contract address.

Cobo Wallet now Supports IOTX

We’re so glad to annouce that Cobo Wallet now supports IoTeX (IOTX). We hope to provide the best digital currency.

Lastly, kicking off the month of July, MyEtherWallet has also been added to the list of native supporters of IOTX. If you check your MEW wallet, IOTX will automatically show in the token balance at the bottom right. MyEtherWallet (MEW) is a free, open-source, client- side interface for generating Ethereum wallets & more. It is one of the most popular wallet for cryptocurrency. Your Key to Ethereum

Free, open-source, client-side Ethereum wallet. Enabling you to interact with the blockchain easily & securely.

Livestream (China)

Our Co-Founder Raullen Chai joined a Chinese livestream for the first time on July 6 sharing about IoTeX’s recent Testnet Alpha: Strive, and the Roll-DPoS consensus mechanism. “比特币世界” is a famous livestream channel in China.

Beijing Meetup

Our co-founder Raullen Chai attended a meetup in Beijing on July 7 which was helped by Link VC, one of IoTeX’s very own investors!

Multi-Language Support to Community Groups

In order to provide better services to our community, we are working on building sub-communities in different languages! Specifically, our korean groups and channels are now ready for you to join. Check them out below:

Upcoming Events

Korea Blockchain Week

The IoTeX team will be heading to Seoul, Korea to attend Korea Blockchain Week from July 16–20! Korea Blockchain Week is Asia’s most prominent blockchain conference and is taking place for the first time in Korea. We look forward to meeting global leading blockchain enthusiasts and to sharing our vision of IoTeX!

Blockchain & IoT: The New Frontier (Rome Meetup)

Join Larry, IoTeX’s Head of BD, in Rome on July 11 to explore the intersection of blockchain and IoT!

Testnet Beta

IoTeX’s next code release, Testnet Beta, is planned to be released in late August 2018. The next phase of IoTeX development will focus on scalability and robustness of our code, and expected features include full support of scripting & Virtual Machine (VM), initial support of cross-chain communication between sub-chains, and a pluggable transportation framework with UDP & TCP support.

In Addition…

The IoTeX Technology and R&D teams will be releasing more academic and research papers on not only the theoretical aspects of our innovations but also the applicable and conceptual aspects. We are also excited to share more news soon!

IoTeX Project Update #3–4/27/18–5/20/18

Technical Development

  • Our engineer team has redesigned and implemented Merkle Patricia tree to support account-based state transitions
  • With almost 85% code implementation complete, we have finished the first draft of our Roll-DPoS consensus mechanism yellow paper.
  • Implementation of BLS signature and consensus simulation are undergoing
  • Added docker support
  • Completed PoC of IoTeX blockchain working on two embedded systems to experiment and demonstrate its lightweightness and effectiveness. Our Github repo: has been “star”-ed by 600+ developers at the time of writing this update.
  • IOTX token contract has been audited extensively by our engineers, developers from the community, and third party vendors. No vulnerability has been identified at the time of writing this update.

Multi-language Support to Website

In the past several months, we have incrementally added English, Korean and Chinese language support to allow our global community to learn more about IoTeX. We have also translated our white paper in several languages! In order to provide even better service to our community, we have added a new feature powered by Google which enables visitors to view our website with even more language choices. If you would like to help with our website localization initiative, please follow our Website Translation Bounty Program.

Welcome Our New Interns!

We are excited to introduce our three talented interns, Vincent Vuong, Vedaad Shakib, and Nick Chen! We are thrilled to have join our top-notch engineering team, bringing new vigor and perspectives to IoTeX.

Vincent Vuong
Computer Science major at the University of Waterloo. Security and blockchain enthusiast.

Vedaad Shakib
EECS and Applied Math major at UC Berkeley. Blockchain researcher on the cryptoeconomics team at Blockchain At Berkeley.

Nick Chen
Master in Computer Science at USC and Bachelor in Computer Science at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Machine learning enthusiast.

Community Updates

StoneVan Campaign

IoTeX Testnet Preview Demo (Codename: StoneVan)

A month ago, we launched our first code release, Testnet preview “StoneVan”, and we are grateful for the praise, encouragement, and thoughtful feedback from our community. One of the things we enjoy most at IoTeX is sharing our journey and progress with all of you. Over the next couple of months, we will publish more blogs, videos, and code releases on our social media platforms to inform you all with the progress of Testnet & Mainnet development, exchange listings, and much more. To make sure we keep our community up-to-date, we ask our supporters to subscribe to our channels if you have not done so, and tell your friends about our StoneVan campaign!

Between 05/01/2018 and 05/03/2018, our Testnet Preview Demo video has over 11k views and we received valuable constructive comments and feedback. We are very pleased to see that many supporters have created their original videos / content and shared with their followers on their own channels.

Charity Program II — DoraHacks

In our second Charity Program support DoraHacks, we raised over 140 ETH thanks to our amazing supporters! These donations will be used to reward hackers that successfully complete projects on real-world blockchain and IoT problems suggested by the IoTeX team during 20+ DoraHacks hackathons all around the world.

While our first charity program supported the pioneers of blockchain, the Ethereum Foundation, we wanted our second charity program to foster the next generation of blockchain and IoT developers. That is why we selected DoraHacks, China’s largest hackathon organizer and developer community, which is expanding to over 15 global cities this year.

Bug Bounty Program — IOTX Token Contract

Security of users’ funds is our top priority. Therefore, we held a bug bounty program from 04/25/2018 to 05/05/2018, from which we received valuable bug reports from our supporters. Thank you all for making our token contract even more safe and secure!

Although the bug bounty program has come to an end, you can still submit any issues to with a description and instructions on reproducing the attack vector.
High quality reports including steps for reproduction, a vulnerability fix, and a working test that demonstrates the failing and passing cases are greatly preferred.

Website Translation Bounty Program

On May 13, we launched our new bounty program — Translation Bounty for the IoTeX website. We welcomed every one of our supporters to help us with website localization and get bonus points for their contributions! Currently we accept contributions to the languages: Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hindi.

Website Translation Bounty Program (Closed)

We have received over 30 pull requests so far, and counting! Thank you all for helping us build a better website — we will take several days to review the pull requests and give out the points bounty to those that contributed soon.

Blockchain week in NYC

The IoTeX team had a fast-paced, productive experience during Blockchain Week in NYC! We had great time meeting blockchain builders, investors, traders, and enthusiasts from all over the world. We closely examined the “pulse” of this global group of blockchain leaders and took away countless perspectives on how we can differentiate ourselves and lead the pack.

Consensus 2018 was held on May 14–16 during NYC Blockchain Week!

Our co-founder Raullen gives a speech on IoTeX’s vision and roadmap to a full house during the Blockchain Week event held by FBG Capital & Block 72.

Co-founder Raullen joins a panel discussion on “Blockchain Technology and Use Cases” during NYC Blockchain Week at Columbia University.

NYC Meetup — 4 Blockchain Projects You Can’t Afford To Miss In 2018

Co-founder Jing gives a speech during an official meetup sharing IoTeX’s vision and roadmap.

Crypto Influencer Summit

The Crypto Influence Summit was endorsed by Coindesk’s Blockchain Consensus Week, and aims to bring together top crypto influencers for a fun night of networking and sharing.

Co-founder Jing joins a panel discussion on “Social Media for Mass Adoption” during the summit.

Upcoming Events

May has been a big month for IoTeX, but we aren’t done yet! We will be kicking off several more community reward programs to show our appreciation to our amazing community that have supported us on our journey.

Token issue & listing announcement on May 21 PDT

Before the end of 05/21/2018 (PDT time), we will announce our token issuance and listing schedule. Please stay tuned to our pinned messages in our official Telegram group and invite your friends to celebrate with us!

New Twitter Campaign

We will have a new community reward program via Twitter next week. Please make sure to follow us on Twitter and Telegram to participate! It will be a multi-day, open campaign (i.e., NOT first come, first serve). Detailed information will be disclosed later next week.

WeChat Campaign

For the Chinese supporters that do not have access to Twitter, there will be an alternative campaign via WeChat where you can earn up to 2,000 points! Detailed information will be disclosed later next week.

IoTeX Project Update №2 — 4/14/18–4/29/18

Greetings everyone! Last week we reached a very important milestone on our journey to “connect the physical world, block by block”. On April 20, we released the first code release of our Testnet Preview (codename: StoneVan ), on which we will be iterating on top of over the next coming months. We also received some very exciting news from Huobi! We are thrilled to share all this great news with you in this update.

HADAX “Special Event for Super Voting Notes” Winner

In February, Huobi, one of the world’s largest digital currency exchanges, launched a sub-brand exchange called Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX for short). We are thrilled to announce that IoTeX has been selected as one of the winning projects of HADAX’s “Special Event for Super Voting Nodes”. As one of only two winning projects, IoTeX will receive HADAX sponsorship to list our tokens on their exchange.

Out of 30 top tier projects, IoTeX received the second most votes with reputable support from 9 of 18 “Super Nodes”, including Kenetic, Hashed Capital, DraperDragon Innovation Fund, and FBG Capital.

As we are working diligently to prepare for our upcoming token issuance/listing dates and celebration events, we will surely keep you updated with the latest news on our Telegram Group and Twitter page.

Technical Updates

IoTeX Testnet Preview (StoneVan) Release

Our first code release, StoneVan , is officially live and was released to the general public on April 20. We have received great feedback from the community on this initial release, and are looking forward to sharing updates with you as we drive towards our Testnet Alpha and Beta releases. GitHub

Build software better, together

GitHub is where people build software. More than 40 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects.

As our first release, StoneVan offers many basic features of a blockchain, such as transaction and block handling, gossip protocol over a P2P network, a pluggable consensus framework leveraging our innovative R-DPoS scheme, and initial RPC support. During the week after StoneVan released, we have also made two major improvements:

  • Enabled network e2e test in CI cycle to ensure stable code delivery quality
  • Implemented transaction order randomization to help obscure address-transaction correlation

Detailed instructions for running the StoneVan code are provided in this README file. You can also check out our YouTube video for a detailed overview and demo of the release:

StoneVan Demo Video

Contributions from our supporters to help IoTeX reach its full potential are all welcomed and greatly appreciated! Contributions can include style/bug fixes, feature recommendations, proposals for schemes/algorithms, and help with documentation. For code contributions, please refer to our Contribution Guidelines for more information. To report issues, please file an issue on our Github page.

Short Version Whitepaper — Chinese Version

We have published a short version whitepaper in Chinese. Thanks to our Chinese supporters who helped us with the translation and fine tuning! The latest English version 1.4 can also be found on our website. We will update our website with more multilingual versions soon.

Community Updates

Bug Bounty Program — IOTX Token Contract

The security of users’ funds is our top priority. We welcome everyone to participate in our bug bounty program and contribute to the success of IoTeX! For this bug bounty program, we want to reward any participants who discover bugs that fall under the below two categories regarding our IOTX Token Contract.

  • Tier 1 (2,000,000 IOTX reward): A security vulnerability that would result in loss of value (IOTX or ETH) or restrict or delay the transfer or exchange of IOTX tokens;
  • Tier 2 (10,000 IOTX reward): minor bugs, efficiency improvements, or other recommendations.

Please take a close look at our contracts on GitHub and submit any issues for review to Happy hunting!

WeChat Platform — New Chinese Community Channels

A new Chinese Community channel is available for anyone to join — please note that these channels are in Chinese. The latest updates and campaign announcements will be published through this new channel, in addition to our existing Telegram groups.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) for Testnet Preview

Since we released our Testnet Preview StoneVan last week, we have received plenty of great questions from our community. Therefore, we prepared an AMA to keep everyone informed and answer questions we received from the community. Please feel free to reach out and ask more questions at any time, and we will update this post as we add in more related Q&As.

IoTeX at Blockchain Career Fair

On April 18, the IoTeX team attended the Blockchain Career Fair at UC Berkeley, which was hosted by Dekrypt Capital and Crypto Parency. It was the largest Blockchain Career Fair ever held in the United States, and we were so happy to meet all types of eager blockchain enthusiasts. More than 20 top global blockchain companies that have made huge contributions to the advancement of the disruptive decentralized technology also attended the fair, including NEO, Coinbase, Cosmos, ICON, and Tezos.

The IoTeX team was quite popular during the career fair sharing thoughts with talents from all around the world!

Our co-founder, Raullen, was also interviewed by the hosts during the career fair

IoTeX livestream video starts from 2:13:00.

Check out more details on our open positions below. We are currently hiring for multiple roles, as well as interns! We look forward to meeting you, and bringing new energy to the company as well as the overall blockchain and IoT industry!

IoTeX is Looking for Talents in Blockchain Career Fair

Media Coverage

Crypto Assets Offer New Opportunities for VCs on a Global Scale


Please join us in welcoming our new team member — Larry Pang! He will officially join the Community & Growth team and help IoTeX bring our revolutionary technology to the general public. Larry was previously an Engagement Manager at Oliver Wyman, a top global management consulting firm, and specialized in digital operations. He has a dual B.S. in Finance & Economics, and a minor in Visual Arts & Design from MIT. Welcome, Larry!

IoTeX Top Picks

There are some great articles and videos we found on the top channels. Some of them are from our community supporters. We’d love to share it with you!

IoTeX Review

IoTeX Review {Russian}

IoTeX’s Co-founder Raullen Chai Record

To learn more about IoTeX, please feel free to check the information on our official channels.

IoTeX Project Update №1 — 4/1/18–4/14/18

Hello supporters! Q2 2018 has already started and we have been together on this journey for over three months. We are grateful to have you join us on this expedition to “ Connecting the Physical World, Block by Block ”. Starting from today, we will share IoTeX progress with you bi-weekly and we will always keep our eyes and ears open for your valuable suggestions.

Testnet Preview Release Countdown

Our tech team has been working very hard, day and night, to give the final touches to the Testnet Preview (codename: StoneVan), for which we will open the repo on on April 20th, 2018, 17:00 PDT. This repo will operate on an open-contributor model that anyone is welcomed to contribute to the codebase in the form of peer review, testing, and patches development cycle.

As of the time we are posting this update, we are 7 days away till the preview launches. Let’s countdown together for this exciting moment!

##Community Updates

HASHED Meetup in Seoul, Korea

We had our first meetup in Korea in #HashedLounge on April 5th. It was hosted by one of our strategic partners, the largest cryptocurrency capital — #HASHED , which is accelerating the global enablement of blockchain through community building and impact investing.

Co-founder Raullen Chai is giving a speech of “A Decentralized Network for IoT, Powered by a Private-Centric Blockchain”.

Our founding team gave an in-depth presentation on “A Decentralized Network for IoT, Powered by a Private-Centric Blockchain,” raised the discussion on the blockchain technology in IoT, and shared community insights with the audiences. A big thank you to all who came to join our launch Meetup! We are planning for more events and Meetups in other cities as well. We hope to meet you all someday!

Co-founder Qevan Guo is giving a presentation of user cases and community insights.

IoTeX founding team in #Hashed Meetup Lounge

IoTeX Honor Board — Charity Program

Our 1st Charity Program was concluded successfully at the end of March. With 1515 donors from our community, we have demonstrated how much we value the exhaustive research conducted by the pioneers in the blockchain technology industry and support them through this campaign to ETH Foundation.

Our Charity Honor Board is LIVE! We have featured your great deeds on our official website and you will be able to
:small_orange_diamond:Find your name on the IoTeX Honor Board
:small_orange_diamond:Search for your Honor Page by entering hashid or Preferred Display Name
:small_orange_diamond:Share your act of kindness to encourage more people helping with this good cause!

Our Charity Program is also featured on Forbes, and readers have raised discussions on the blockchain development obstacles.


Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.

If you missed the 1st Charity Program, please check HERE for more information and stay tuned to the pinned message in our Telegram Group for the next ones. Let’s keep up with the good vibes and work together in the future to achieve the ambitious goal of ‘Connecting the Physical World Block by Block!’

New Community Groups

In order to provide better services to our community, we are working on building sub-communities in different languages. Currently, our Chinese group and Russian group are ready. And insightful discussions have already started in the two new groups. Please feel free to join with your friends!

IoTeX Group CN:
IoTeX Group RU: (will soon be relocated to a new platform)

Since Telegram will be not available in Russia, we will move the IoTeX Group RU to another channel. Before that, please make sure to follow our Twitter and Medium to get the latest news. When the new channel is ready, we will make an announcement with the link and detailed information on Twitter and Medium.


Quiz II Campaign

Our Quiz II campaign on April 11th was a big success! Although the questions were more challenging than the AMA quiz, many of the participants got a high score of 100 & 80! We are very proud to have such amazing community and would like to hold more interesting campaigns in the future! Here are some score details we want to share with you.

Q: Why is PBFT (Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance) is part of R-DPoS consensus?
: Instant finality is desired for cross-chain communications
Reference : Whitepaper Chapter 6

Q: What does “R” stand for in R-DPoS consensus?
: Randomized
Reference : Whitepaper Chapter 6

Q: Which of the following is NOT in the security & integrity subsystem of a hardware wallet?
: Secure Memory Storage
Reference : Secure Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets

Q: What kind of information you can NOT get by following our Twitter Page ?
: Public sale information
Reference : Telegram Group Welcome Message. We may have random :candy:candy events on our Twitter Page and will be announced on Twitter exclusively. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Q: Where was the IoTeX founding team last week?
: Seoul, Korea
Reference : IoTeX’s first launch event in Korea was successfully held on April 5. The founding team was presenting at Hashed Lounge event.

Despite the different scale of points, we give out for various community campaigns, we encourage you to join all of them to collect the campaign achievements for winning the potential bonus!

Original Content Bounty

Starting from Phase II of this campaign, we have raised the bounty to as much as 5,000 points to encourage our supporters bringing in in-depth review or analysis, or anything interesting about IoTeX.

We have received over 160 articles and videos on various channels since the campaign started, and most of them are greatly written and made! They are all objective opinions and we listen to your suggestions. IoTeX team applauds for your valuable efforts to help to spread the word of us!

  1. Secure Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets
  2. IoTeX Charity Program - How to proxy payments during Charity Donation Campaign
  3. Uncle Sam Wants In on Your Crypto Gains

Media Coverage

  1. The Demand For Blockchain Engineers Is Skyrocketing, But Blockchain Itself Is Redefining How They’re Employed
  2. This Startup Believes That Cryptocurrency Could Cut down on Corruption in the Charity Cycle
  3. Blockchain Starting To Feel Its Way into the Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem
  4. AI Will Take Over Blockchain In 2018, But It Won’t Happen Without These 3 Key Areas
  5. IoTeX Announces Security and Privacy-Focused Blockchain Purpose-Built for IoT


Zhefeng Li, a young talent in Mathematics and Computer Science, has officially joined IoTeX as a Blockchain Engineer. Master in Computer Science at the University of California San Diego and Bachelor in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is blockchain technology, machine learning, and the Internet of Things enthusiast.

Upcoming Events

Blockchain Career Fair — UC Berkeley on April 18

This will be the largest Blockchain Career Fair ever held in the United States. A great opportunity to meet 20+ top global blockchain companies each with huge contributions to the advancement of disruptive decentralized technology. Our founding team will do a live stream during the career fair and the IoTeX team will have a booth, sharing thoughts with you on April 18. Looking forward to meeting you there!

If you are not able to meet us there but still want to join us, please send an email to!

IoTeX Top Picks

There are some great articles and videos we found on the top channels. Some of them are from our community supporters. We’d love to share it with you here!

  1. Raullen’s Interview with Blockchain Brad
  2. Overview by RKT8 {Russian}

To learn more about IoTeX, please feel free to check the information on our official channels.

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IoTeX Project Updates №24 {April 8 — May 10, 2020}

Tech & Development

IoTeX Halo Program — Community Grants to Fuel the Internet of Trusted Things

Halo — the official grants program for the IoTeX Network! With the upcoming launch of Mainnet GA, the IoTeX platform is more performant and developer-friendly than ever — we are now ready to welcome the world to build the Internet of Trusted Things on IoTeX. Full details on Halo

Redesigning Trust: Blockchain for Supply Chains

Over the past year, IoTeX worked with the World Economic Forum and 100+ organizations to develop a toolkit for the responsible deployment of blockchain in supply chains. We look forward to supporting the continuous development of this toolkit to transform the global supply chain industry. Find out more about the Toolkit Launch

IoTeX joins Amazon and Huawei as the new Co-chairs of the Blockchain Task Group of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC)

The IIC consists of 300+ leading technology organizations. IoTeX has contributed to the IIC since 2018, and this appointment as Blockchain Co-chair marks a major step forward in our enterprise efforts. Let’s show them what blockchain is all about! Full details in our blog

Ucam — May Update

Who says blockchain-based products can’t be functional? Ucam delivers privacy AND an amazing user experience — see for yourself in our new Ucam App preview video. Full details in our blog

Mainnet GA Native Staking v2

IoTeX is kicking off a month of Mainnet GA announcements with Native Staking v2 (nsv2) — a new scalable, secure, and flexible design! Our new transaction-based design will make staking and voting with native $IOTX cheaper, faster, and easier than ever. Read the full details

Hermes 2.0 is Officially LIVE and Open Source

IoTeX is proud to launch Hermes 2.0, an automated and trusted rewards distribution system developed by the IoTeX Foundation (core-dev) for IoTeX Delegates and voters! Learn more

Dev &Tech Summary

IoTeX is once again in the Top 25 most active crypto projects by Flipside Crypto, which shows just how hard the IoTeX Core Team (core-dev) has been working. In the past few weeks, the core-dev has been focusing primarily on rolling out Mainnet v0.11, preparing the release of Mainnet v0.12, Ucam Beta Testing, and other ongoing initiatives. Read the full report

Attention Hardware users

As we shared in our Mainnet GA Migration Plan last month, we will be migrating all stake/votes on Ethereum to IoTeX as part of Mainnet GA. If you stake using a hardware wallet (e.g., Ledger, Trezor), you may require special handling to complete your migration. We have created a new thread outlining your specific options + instructions .

IoTeX In the Media

“Tech Titan Patents Mean We Have To Get Serious About Data Privacy” IBT

Community Initiatives & Campaigns

IPFS Pinning Summit

IoTeX Co-founder Raullen shared how IoTeX + IPFS are enabling decentralized privacy and user data ownership with Ucam.

AMA w/Founders — May 13

IoTeX Anniversary Meme Campaign

Exactly one year ago, IoTeX Mainnet Alpha was launched, and to celebrate this, we are launching a new campaign for our community! Create an original meme that is fun and IoTeX related. Detailed instructions

:gift: Over 200,000 IOTX in prizes
:hourglass_flowing_sand: April 23, 12 AM PST — May 8, 2 AM PST

When Privacy Hits Home” — a special report by IoTeX

Smart devices like Amazon Ring & Google Nest are watching and listening to us in our homes 24/7 — with unprecedented access to our homes and data, Big Tech has plans to control more of our daily lives and eliminate ‘privacy at home’ as we know it. IoTeX explores the current and future impacts of ‘when privacy hits home’ in this must-read report! Download the report today

How to Protect Your Smart Home in 2020” — a webinar by IoTeX, NKN, and OwnYourData Foundation

In this webinar, we explained the inner workings of today’s smart homes (e.g., devices, data, connectivity) and common vulnerabilities. We also shared how emerging tech like blockchain and secure hardware will power your future smart home. Watch the full webinar on-demand now

Livestream AMA w/Founders from April 9, 2020

Summary of the Livestream AMA is now published on our forum & the video is available for those who missed the livestream!

Not all encryption is created equal**

This is why Ucam and future “Powered by IoTeX” devices are so revolutionary. True end-to-end encryption guaranteed by blockchain will secure our future and make us captains of our own data destiny. Learn more in our blog post

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Awesome updates :clap:

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IoTeX Project Updates №25 {May 11 — June 10, 2020}

Tech & Development

Platform 2.0 — Optimized for the Internet of Trusted Things

Modular blockchain infra, expansive IoT middleware, new dev tools, and a fully native ecosystem — in our blog, we explain the multiple layers of the IoTeX Platform and share the principles that IoTeX uses to guide the design of our blockchain

Native Staking v2 — A New Scalable, Secure, and Flexible Design

IoTeX has officially established independence from Ethereum and is now a fully native blockchain. Find out the details, purpose, and benefits of staking on the IoTeX Network, as well as how to stake/vote using ioPay:

Pantheon — Enterprise-Ready Consortium Blockchain for IoT

Pantheon was developed throughout the past year, stemming from ongoing initiatives with IoT enterprises and lets enterprises harness the power of trusted users/devices/data to build trusted apps. Learn more below:

Halo Grants Program — Fueling the Internet of Trusted Things

Halo is targeted at developers interested in building IoT and privacy-related projects on the IoTeX platform, as well as ecosystem builders that want to expand the capabilities and reach of IoTeX. Halo will pave the way for new trusted devices/applications and fuel the next generation of IoTeX — join us!

Hermes 2.0 is Officially Live and Open Source

Hermes 2.0 is a win-win for both Delegates and voters, automating daily rewards distribution for Delegates and delivering a transparent history of all reward payments for voters. In this blog, we share the features of Hermes 2.0, as well as an overview of how the technology works.

IoTeX Mainnet GA — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thought Leadership

IoTeX Town Hall

IoTeX Keynote @ IEEE World Forum on IoT

Download Presentation Slides

IoTeX & IPFS are bringing private decentralized storage to smart devices

Summit Recap

IoTeX Keynote @ REIMAGINE 2020

“Why Privacy Matters” w/UncleBob

IoTeX Project Updates №26 {June 11 — July 12, 2020}

Tech & Development

IoTeX Announces IoT-Oriented Tokenomics

Part 1: Utility of the IOTX Coin

The IoTeX platform is a canvas for builders, service providers, and consumers who spend, stake, and burn $IOTX for a variety of purposes — gas fees, governance, device registration, and stake-to-service.

Part 2: DAO-Based Tokenomics

IoTeX DAOs will fuel radically transparent interactions between builders, service providers, and consumers.

Part 3: Burn-Drop to Bootstrap

Introducing Burn-Drop, a one-of-a-kind Tokenomics program for the IoTeX Network — a total of 1 Billion $IOTX will be Burn-Dropped to bootstrap the first 1 Million “Powered by IoTeX” devices!

Introducing ioPay 1.0 — the most secure and user-friendly IoTeX wallet

Pantheon for Enterprise is Officially Open-Source

Burning 2.65% of Total IOTX Supply from Foundation Funds

IoTeX Presents Pantheon at Industrial Internet Consortium Q2 Member Meeting

IoTeX to Present Blockchain & IoT Innovations @ IIC Q2 Member Meeting

Thought Leadership

The Blockchain Show podcast, featuring Raullen Chai & Larry Pang

IoTeX In the Media

Coindesk: IoTeX Joins Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC) alongside Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and more!

Community Initiatives & Campaigns

:bookmark: Livestream AMA Summary — June 25

:bookmark: Telegram Sticker Campaign check out the best stickers from our community!

IoTeX Project Updates №27 {July 13 — August 15, 2020}

Tech & Development

Burn-Drop #IGNITE Launch

IGNITE is the kickstart phase to prepare the IoTeX community for Burn-Drop. Earn an extra 10% annualized returns all throughout August on your $IOTX + limited edition NFT!

Ucam Unboxing + Setup Video

Ucam is the private home security camera and first “Powered by IoTeX” device — coming soon to Amazon!

IoTeX Partners w/ IPFS & Filecoin to Decentralize the IoT

For the past months, IoTeX has worked closely with the IPFS & Filecoin teams to design innovative decentralized IoT solutions leveraging IoTeX & IPFS/Filecoin technologies! Our first use case? Decentralized IoT firmware updates to bring new levels of security for Ucam!

Mainnet v1.1 is ready for launch

New features/upgrades include:

• “Reclaim Bucket” feature
• Transaction log APIs
• Optimized Docker images
• nsv2 staking updates

IoTeX & IIC Publish New Blockchain & IoT White Paper

Co-authors include IoTeX, Amazon, Huawei, PwC, iExec, XmPro, and more! This positions IoTeX as operating partners with the world’s largest enterprises.

Cross-Chain DEX is Coming August 31

An unprecedented Uniswap-style DEX - ERC20 assets on Ethereum can flow to IoTeX and be exchanged w/ $IOTX, $VITA, and XRC20 assets. Cross-chain liquidity mining is launching August 31. Built by CapitalMu: fintech gurus & original IoTeX Delegate!

IoTeX Studio is Coming Soon

Get ready for the release of IoTeX Studio — an innovative browser-based IDE that will enable developers to seamlessly create and deploy DApps on IoTeX!

Introducing Batch #1 of Halo Grants

We are proud to welcome five new Halo projects to the IoTeX Network! The IoTeX Halo program funds development of software/hardware, research, and initiatives to fuel the Internet of Trusted Things.

:white_small_square: HealthBlocks: healthcare IoT — OwnYourData
:white_small_square: Helix: big data analytics with Google BigQuery
:white_small_square: Metanyx: e-commerce plugin to pay with IOTX
:white_small_square: Smart Stake: staking/rewards analytics dashboard
:white_small_square: GameFantasy: IOTX & VITA for web-based games

Explore our new Halo projects:

IoTeX DID is now on UniResolver

IoTeX’s decentralized identity (DID) spec for people and devices has been accepted by UniResolver, the industry-wide utility for DID interoperability!
Learn more about IoTeX DID:

The next generation of Pebble Tracker has arrived

IoTeX and Nordic Semiconductor are teaming up to bring ultra-secure and trusted tracking to the masses. We are bringing real-world IoT data to the blockchain to unlock innovative decentralized use cases. New hardware, new possibilities — get ready!

The Burgeoning Global Surveillance State — HackerNoon feature
Read now on HackerNoon:

Confidential Computing Will Revolutionize the IoT

IoTeX Co-founder @Raullen explains how new privacy technology like IoTeX will unleash innovative win-win business models for corporations, governments, and consumers.

No Safety Nets in the Real World

Unlike the virtual world, the real world has no safety nets. As we install billions of new IoT devices like cameras + digital assistants into our homes, hackers have their targets set on the rich/sensitive data of our smart homes — how can we stay protected?

Did you know … 1 Million Devices = ~500 Billion Unique Connections?

With a wave of “Powered by IoTeX” devices coming soon, powerful network effects will unleash new possibilities for IoTeX.

IoTeX is featured in @CoinDesk’s new article on privacy

“At the heart of the problem is data ownership. Decentralization offers a way for individual people and entities to own their data.” — @Raullen

Big Tech Is Acquiring Access to Your Health & Home
With virtual assistants like Alexa & Siri and smart devices like Nest & Ring in our homes, Big Tech is now watching and listening to us 24/7. IoTeX’s mission to build a private IoT is more important than ever — we must take back our privacy!

Community Initiatives & Campaigns

:bookmark: Dr. XinXin’s Keynote @ IoT World Summit — August 14

:bookmark: Livestream AMA w/ Founders — August 12

:bookmark: IoTeX & Binance France AMA Recap — July 23

:bookmark: IoTeX Town Hall — July 17

IoTeX Project Updates №28 {August 16 — October 1, 2020}

Tech & Development

Greetings our dear supporters! We are back with our Monthly Project Update for August & September 2020. Throughout these two months, we have introduced DeFioT, released tools and services to support it, as well as, launched our first blockchain-powered product Ucam on Amazon US! Get up to speed with our summary below!

Ucam is now available on Amazon!

Every Ucam that is sold will drive value back to the IoTeX Network and stakeholders via Burn-Drop, an innovative tokenomics design coming soon to IoTeX. :fire::droplet:

Ucam is the 100% private home camera and the first “Powered by IoTeX” device. For those in the USA, buy Ucam now with Prime 2-Day Delivery via Amazon! You can also purchase Ucam with international shipping directly from the Ucam website.

Ucam White Paper — Official Release

:arrow_right: Read the Ucam white paper:

Our new Ucam white paper explores IoTeX’s first-of-its-kind design for a blockchain-based, end-to-end secure camera system. Before putting a Ucam in your home, learn about the sophisticated technology that ensures your privacy!

:arrow_right: Official WISeKey Press Release: WISeKey selected by IoTeX to Ensure Integrity in Manufacturing by using Secure Semiconductors with Blockchain - WISeKey $IOTX

IoTeX & WISeKey Partner for IoT Manufacturing Integrity :gear: WISeKey, a Nasdaq-listed IoT chip manufacturer and cybersecurity leader. We are proud to welcome this public company (NASDAQ: WKEY; SIX: WIHN) to the IoTeX Network!

DeFIoT: Unlocking the Trillion-Dollar IoT Data Market :moneybag:

From August 31, IoTeX started to unveil groundbreaking infrastructure to fuel #DeFIoTIoT data oracle, cross-chain bridge, a decentralized exchange (DEX), and more! Learn more in our #DeFIoT manifesto:

DeFIoT: Unlocking the Trillion-Dollar IoT Data Market - #DeFIoT: Unlocking the Trillion-Dollar IoT Data Market | by IoTeX Team | Medium)

ioTube: the cross-chain + multi-asset bridge to connect IoTeX to the blockchain universe

Image for post

ioTube will enable new assets and liquidity from other blockchains to flow into IoTeX, as well as position IoTeX to deliver unique IoT assets to other blockchains! Convert your ERC20 assets and bring new liquidity to the IoTeX Network now at

:arrow_right: Full details on ioTube: ioTube: Cross-Chain Bridge to Connect IoTeX with the Blockchain Universe | by IoTeX Team | Medium

ioTube Tutorial for Seamless Cross-Chain Swaps ↔️ [ioTube Tutorial] Cross-Transfer Tokens between Ethereum and IoTeX)

mimo — DEX with automated liquidity built on IoTeX

Image for post

Trade ERC20 & IoTeX assets with 5-sec trade finality and less than 1/10000 the gas fees of Ethereum. Manage liquidity pools, trade crypto assets, and explore the world of DeFi with mimo. Built by the FinTech gurus at CapitalMu & IoTeX.

We are excited to announce support for new ERC20 assets $BTC $UNI $LINK along with $ETH $BUSD $PAXG. The IoTeX community will be able to trade $IOTX & $VITA for BTC, USD, ETH, and Gold equivalents directly on mimo.

IoTeX Latest Research Paper Awarded as Top Submission by the International Conference on Blockchain :open_book: (ICBC)

IoTeX’s latest research paper on multi-chain governance was selected by the International Conference on Blockchain (ICBC) as a top 15 submission alongside authors from ,Microsoft, IBM, Harvard, University of Pittsburgh, and more.

MULTAV : A Multi-Chain Token-Backed Voting Framework for Decentralized Blockchain Governance :bookmark:

:rotating_light: Attention Blockchain & IoT Developers

:arrow_right: Check it out now at

IoTeX is the platform to power your next big idea. Explore our new dev portal and learn about our lightning-fast blockchain, IoT middleware, SDKs + APIs, and more!

Welcome ThingsBoard to the IoTeX Network

IoTeX Joins Forces with ThingsBoard, the leading open-source platform for IoT data management and visualization. ThingsBoard creates dynamic IoT dashboards that are trusted by Bosch, T-Mobile, and other global enterprises!

IoTeX Joins Coinbase’s Rosetta to Simplify Blockchain-Exchange Integrations

Rosetta — an open-source spec to simplify integrations between blockchain networks and Coinbase + other exchanges. This powerful toolkit enables IoTeX to integrate seamlessly with new exchanges and Dapps — more integrations, more possibilities!

Great overview of IoTeX by TheCryptoZombie (130K+ YouTube subscribers) — he got his hands on a Ucam and shares his thoughts on #DeFIoT in his latest video!

The Hook Up (129k subscribers) ranks Ucam in the Top 3 best indoor security cameras on the market today above Nest, Ring, Blink, Wyze, and more. Ucam is available to purchase for $45 now on, Amazon US and TikTech!

IoTeX Head of BD @larrypang dives deep with SwapZone CEO @MarijaCarola on the impacts of technology, culture, and regulation on data privacy and the future of IoTeX. A must-watch conversation!

How can blockchain enhance the consumer products we use every day? :thought_balloon: At the IPFS Global Summit, IoTeX co-founder @Raullen presents our innovative vision to build decentralized, privacy-protecting consumer products with IoTeX + IPFS/Filecoin.

The IoTalks Podcast by IoTeX is Back!:fire: Our amazing new guest is HealthBlocks, who are building a new human-centered healthcare system on IoTeX. As the first recipients of the IoTeX Halo Grant, HealthBlocks will bring #OwnYourData capabilities and more to the healthcare industry.

IoTeX is featured in Forbes as a Blockchain & IoT leader

Features on Hackernoon:


:grinning: keep up the great work IoTex Community, will always keep contributing.