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Power Dungeon

Project Type

On-chain Games, NFTs, Web3

Proposal Description

Power Dungeon® is a RPG featured dungeon-building and exploration.

Maps(NFT) are designed of 7×7 grids that can individually serve as dungeons or be combined to build larger dungeons, every map has an unique appearance and environment.

By using Maps, players can create their own dungeons which they can stake to earn continuous income, and protect the accumlated wealth of the dungeon by deploying Traps(NFT) and Monsters(NFT).

At the same time, players can use Adventurers(NFT) to start a tour of adventure to explore others’ dungeons. If they successfully escape from a dungeon, they can take away part of the wealth of that dungeon.

Power Dungeon® could be played directly on any social media platform based on Web2/Web3, we work with the MASK, which has more than 30k users.


  • Milestone 1:

    • Duration: 2 week
    • Deliverables:
      Official website & whitepaper
      Community building
    • Funds request (USD): 10,000 USD
  • Milestone 2:

    • Duration: 2 week
    • Deliverables:
      Adventurer mysterybox sale
      Adventurer training
      Adventurers battle on Twitters(PvP)
    • Funds request (USD): 15,000 USD
  • Milestone 3:

    • Duration: 4 week
    • Deliverables:
      Map mysterybox sale
      Map combination & designing on Twitters
    • Funds request (USD): 25,000 USD
  • Milestone 4:

    • Duration: 4 week
    • Deliverables:
      Adventurer explores others’ dungeons on Twitters
    • Funds request (USD): 25,000 USD
  • Milestone 5:

    • Duration: 4 week
    • Deliverables:
      Overworld map
      Adventurer breeding
    • Funds request (USD): 25,000 USD

Total funds requested

100,000 USD

About your Team

Lee, Founder & Tech Head
IT veteran with 15+ years of working experience, led more than 10 projects covering almost all the product forms powered by blockchain such as centralized exchange, DApp, HD DeFi wallet, NFT marketplace, GameFi.

Jonathan, Co-founder & Operation Head
Over ten years of entrepreneurial experience in the game industry, operated the largest game-asset trading platform in Europe.

Keith, Co-founder & Product Owner
Over 15 years of working experience in game industry, the product range covers role-playing, strategy simulation and business simulation.

Jeff, Head of Marketing
Partner at 8186 Capital, 5+ years crypto industry.

Etouyang, Core Developer
IT practitioner, advanced knowledge and experience in tech development and project management, engaged in a number of blockchain projects varying from public chain to DApp, focusing on solidity contract development.


We are planning to have over 10,000 holders/players with the on chain games.


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