The development of a functioning, interactive NFT

Dear Community Members,

We are seeking feed back on the funding of a project we have been developing for the past year, which is the development of an NFT with real world functionality, rather then just a medium to show pictures of a game character or your cat.

The RaH Project

The project type is NFT and Dapp

We believe that the advancements in block chain and NFT technologies should strive for higher goals than creating crappy art, by terrible artists and then only to be collected by less than talented individuals for the sole purpose of speculation and financial gain. This is a total waste of resources and breathable air.

Technologies like these should be put to better use in assisting society in real world terms. We propose the development of an intelligent and voice interactive NFT which will perform real world tasks including, but not limited to, simple errands, communications, multitasking by creating multiple instances of the NFT, time management, the monitoring of the owners health, a daily body health scan to detect abnormalities of the body, interaction between the NFT and domestic hardware such as cars, security systems, environmental systems as well as the inclusion of AI and the development of generative AI capabilities. This project should not be confused with the creation of generic Google or Alesia type bot, but a NFT that would grow and develop with the user and then could be passed on to the next generation with a complete family history of the previous users included with it. An important aspect of this project is the communication between the human owner and the NFT and then the NFT to the real world in order to accomplish any given task. This will be a large challenge and this is why I am posting in this community in case you may be wondering.

We are not yet ready to publish our milestones, our financial requirements nor information about our team members just yet, because at this stage we have been self-funded and are just seeking out a suitable environment and community which would be interested in such a project, as well the goals and aspirations of this project are quite high. We can say however that this project from the beginning has been designed knowing full well that it will be a long term and ongoing project existing well beyond the life span of it’s core members. We also believe very strongly that a digital universe is being created right before us in a parabolic fashion and a completely new mind set will be necessary to exist in it and we are looking forward to developing and contributing a new neural pathway in its evolution.

There are a number of ways to think of this project, in once instance you could imagine it as a butler that lives in your smart phone, which will be passed on to your off spring or another view is that we are creating and entirely new digital species because of our use of AI and the development of new and powerful communication protocols which will be required to facilitate communications between existing networks and networks not yet developed.

I thank you in advance for your time and consideration and should you require any further clarifications, please feel free to post your inquiries here or contact me directly at your convenience and I will reply as quickly as possible. Any and all inquires will be responded to.

Ward Weaire
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada
[email protected]

  • PS: This project has been developed with the idea of being a fully distributed and transparent system

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I think it is a great idea I thought about that as well recently!!! It would be amazing because it learns from you so you leave apart of you in the metaverse when you die. Imagine digital twin changing avatar to look like who it learn from even behavioral traits,audio, body language changing itself depending on who is being help who they where close to.