TOTW №17: IoTeX Tokenomics Plan

All the tokenomics series are vital and work together for the solid building, development and sustaining the entire IoTeX ecosystem and IOTX coin.
The tokenmics series showed that IoTeX is endowed with the best team who are committed to the vision, mission goal and objectives of IoTeX.
I believe with all these moves, IoTeX and her coin IOTX is closer to achieve the set goal earlier than expected, also will soon become an household name in IoT ecosystem and in the entire world at large.

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All three articles fully describe the work system IOTX coin!
As I noticed, the community very positively took the third part - the coin burning.
In general, we have been waiting for this information very long time since the launch of Mainnet GA!



Ofcourse in all parts of IoTeX Tokenomics Plan that carefully written, it’s obvious the effort, precision and genius for design this ecosystem, most what caught my look is the ability to “send payments by both humans and machines” It would really make it possible to facilitate processing payments.
also decreasing total supply of IOTX with every new “powered by IoTeX” that increasing value for the coin , indeed so special and brilliant idea.

my impression is “You’re on the right road for arriving to the top”

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Well detailed tokenomis from its utility plan to the bootstrapped strategy. Very much practicable and not just an abstract that even a novice would understand the core vision of the IoTeX project and how articulated the team are.

The three parts of the tokenomics has successfully answered most if not all the questions that relates to IoTeX coin which was the primary objective of the whole plan. With a tokenomics like this, any deal can be reached without much glitch. The team nailed it.


I really like all the articles, each of them describes the process in detail. Especially I like the algorithm for coin burning! This should increase the coin price and take the development of the project to a new level!



The various uses of IOTX is highly welcome, it is the best innovation to drive the price of the coin, it also a good implementation to canvas for builders, service providers, and consumers to interact in a decentralized fashions as this will have consequential effect on the governance, consensus and tokenomics on the Iotex network.

The plan of Iotex in reserving 18% of the total IOTX supply to be used to bootstrap the Powered by IoTeX ecosystem and incentivize device builders, service providers, and the consumers is the best initiative, and the Burn-Drop, Halo grants and Referrals all will culminating in improving the price of the IOTX coin.

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IOTX is the best Utility Token. But, it needs adoption. We are started seeing the demand with Ucam, staking and when other smart devices delivered, it will have huge demand. Long way to go.

As of now, staking is with ioPay. if it is possible to stake in Binance, etc… it will increase the demand.

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IoTex Tokenomics is well planned. It is creating more utility and demand for the IOTX. Utility with Governance, Gas fee, Burn and Stake services. I think, we are looking ahead some good opportunities when we release more products. All the best team,

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firstly, IOTEX tokenomics part1-3 are outstanding, the pattern and structure are well placed and the designs are robust.

This tokenomics will take IoTex far but there is still need for a good marketing/strategy, so that this tokenomics potential can be fully harnessed.



My overall impression of the IoTeX tokenomics Part 1 to part 3, is ‘‘Brilliant!!!, Well architectured’’.
As an evidence, the part 3 of tokenomics which is burn-drop boosted the value of IOTX.

Also a strategy must be put in place to maintain the tokenomics.


Two remarks and suggestions for the team


I propose to consider the possibility of changing the structure of Coin Burning for connected devices.
It seems to me that in the first non-several fases, especially in the very first and second. We will burn a lot of coins (which is probably not as reasonably many as we will burn in the final phases, when we will have connected more than a hundred and even a million devices !!!)
We need to stimulate the final phases, with a large number of tokens to be burned in the last and main phases.

Below I gave an example of how this can be done.
Thus it turns out:

  • we reward early participants
  • and do not forget about the newbie (futurest),
  • and also emphasize that hundreds of thousands of devices are more important than 2-3 thousand devices
    Table of new Structure Burn-Drop


Now on to the Halo Program

Can create a separate section on the Halo page, how much is available in the token fund, on which projects will be spent and the like
So that the community can track and decide on the importance of programs for the project.
In the future, at the expense of some programs will the community make its own decisions?))
For these purposes, let them gradually familiarize themselves with and discuss how to usefully distribute funds for projects, which ones are better to approve now, and which ones should be temporarily suspended and launched later, if it will be beneficial for the project and so on.

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Coin burning from the start is really impressive, good idea. As for other ideas of future of IOTX, it is good, expecting the entire realization of it, including all small tasks like information display, etc.

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I’m no economist, but with the little knowledge that I have about it, I must say that the team did a great job at structuring the IoTeX tokenomics, highly feasible. The DAO plan showcased how IoTeX network will operate in a transparent manner. Very much impressive, exclusively what users look for in a project.


The iotex tokenomics design is one of a kind, the referral program will welcome new consumers to the IoTeX network, and the iotex community will help drive the publicity and sales of powered by iotex devices.
Good one IoTex. :+1:



the tokenomics designs is good and unique in each stage(part1 to 3) that interprets fair, transparent, trusted and decentralized network/ecosystem.
And as time goes on IOTX Utility expands.



Impressive indeed,
The summary of the tokenomics design in my own opinion ensures the growth and decentralized operation on IoTeX blockchain / platform.
And this design will definitely go a long. keep it up guys :+1:



The design concept fully meets the requirement of the users, a huge plus was concluded in the contact of the team with their society, which allowed us all to get support from you, get confidence. If we continue to see the use of the coin, we will see significant growth and its popularity will be on the rise. Telegram: @myloginregionora


I really like the updated tokenomics. Burn to Certify is an awesome idea and excellent way to increase the value of the ecosystem. Stake to Service is another thing that really stood out. These two features will generate traffic and provide broader participation in the network. These tokenomics clearly had a lot of thought and discussion to get to this point. This will definitely encourage more people to get involved with IoTeX. Great job, team.



The new tokenomics are great. This makes Iotex one of the few projects in the cryptospace that has significant incentives for the IOTX coin. I currently have no concerns about Tokenomics. Voting should decide on changes in the future.

At this point, as so often, I have to thank the team behind IoTeX for their great work. I believe that IoTeX will experience a never ending bloom.


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Impressive milestone tokenomics, hopefully this is make IOTX more more valuable, Great Job for all TEAM wad hardwork

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