TOTW №17: IoTeX Tokenomics Plan

The design concept fully meets the requirement of the users, a huge plus was concluded in the contact of the team with their society, which allowed us all to get support from you, get confidence. If we continue to see the use of the coin, we will see significant growth and its popularity will be on the rise. Telegram: @myloginregionora


I really like the updated tokenomics. Burn to Certify is an awesome idea and excellent way to increase the value of the ecosystem. Stake to Service is another thing that really stood out. These two features will generate traffic and provide broader participation in the network. These tokenomics clearly had a lot of thought and discussion to get to this point. This will definitely encourage more people to get involved with IoTeX. Great job, team.



The new tokenomics are great. This makes Iotex one of the few projects in the cryptospace that has significant incentives for the IOTX coin. I currently have no concerns about Tokenomics. Voting should decide on changes in the future.

At this point, as so often, I have to thank the team behind IoTeX for their great work. I believe that IoTeX will experience a never ending bloom.


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Impressive milestone tokenomics, hopefully this is make IOTX more more valuable, Great Job for all TEAM wad hardwork

Tg : ImpressivePeople

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