TOTW №19: Big Tech Is Acquiring Access to Your Health & Home

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With virtual assistants like Alexa & Siri and smart devices like Nest & Ring in our homes, Big Tech is now watching and listening to us 24/7 :eyes:

IoTeX’s mission to build a private IoT is more important than ever – we must take back our privacy!

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For this week’s discussion, please share your thoughts or cases/examples of surveillance capitalism

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I think it’s a slippery slope. Most people don’t mind having big tech spy on them. However, if/when this data starts being used against them either through government overreach or otherwise, then the masses will pay attention. Most tech/privacy people get it. We cover the camera on our laptops, remove potential listening devices from sensitive subjects, etc.

I think IoTeX will be big as we move forward. I have a feeling overreach and privacy invasion will ramp up.


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When the corporations were obliged to share info they hold about users I searched the data in the YouTube account I used not so often, but for years. I forgot mostly everything I was watching years ago, but the corporation still remember all that. It is a really rude invasion of privacy. Not because there could be something really secret, but because noone feels comfortable being constantly studied by someone under a microscope who marks everything about your life.

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Some people think that by saving passwords in browsers, they are safe and no one will ever know this information. But all passwords, even if you do not save them, have long been known to everyone, since everything is under control of the industry giants. This is just a small example. And how many things actually work against us, we cannot even imagine. Today you are invisible, and tomorrow you will earn a million dollars - and immediately you will be closely monitored.


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In fact, making money by collecting data is a hot topic today. I also have several experiences in this regard. In particular, my main email account, Twitter account, Kucoin exchange account and several others were hacked. I found that the main reason for this was the theft of past data, including the history in our web browser, through various websites and links that we unknowingly visit. Then I went back to such unknown websites or links after deleting all the data in my browser. My feeling is that it is more secure. @engchamara

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Surveillance capitalism has been seen as a business where the Giant techs take advantage of the public information in their domain for incessant exploitation of the populace. Urgent actions more than ever should taking to guide the interest the public so that their data and information should be kept and high level of privacy devoid trade should be adhere to

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Today everyone with a smartphone, laptop, computer or tablet is capitalism subject. This can only be avoided by hermits who live in the forest and have nothing to do with civilization)) And this is not a fact, since satellites from the cosmos monitor every square centimetre of our planet. Therefore, either accept this state of affairs, or …)))

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Privacy invasion should be weighed and treated like other criminal offences and severe penalty should be melted out to the culprits. Information generally is power. This will reduced the veto and domineering power of the so call giants in technology in the ares of finances and technicality. The tactics employed in invading privacy should be looked deeply into by established regulatory bodies and also to create more sanitize bodies for curtailment.

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I think it was basically our fault, But unintentionally or unconsciously, Most of us don’t read the “Conditions of use” Which is your gateway to the seductive world of the internet, That’s from one side, in the other side Don’t forget there’s nothing free in this life, Companies and governments have provided us the web with a lot of free software and sites to keep surveillance us, and that’s something it was supposed to count for, and for hacking cases, it’s due ignorance or fate, i mean it’s inevitable that your device will hacked if they can do that ofcourse, like what happened with a lot of celebrity Twitter accounts in few weeks ago.

at the end I’ll be brief in my speech with very important sentence, “If someone offers you something free, you should know you’re the commodity”

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