Ucam Availability

Ucam is clearly a revolutionary product. I assume pre-orders will take place at: https://ucam.iotex.io/

Is the long-term plan to expand availability of the product to Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc? This would obviously increase exposure, but I’m clueless on how things work on the business side, so I’m sure it’s not as simple to sell through those venues. However, the partnership with Tenvis may help in that area.

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Yes – we are going to launch on Amazon USA in late March or early April. Until then, we will be selling Ucam on ucam.iotex.io and pre-orders are now open! The first batch will ship in March, and subsequent batches will ship in April.

For reference, selling to other distributors like Walmart, Best Buy, Costco, etc. follows a “purchase order + invoice” model, which requires lots of upfront capital and also comes with risks (i.e., delayed payment, arbitration).

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That’s great news. Thanks @larrypang