Uncoming xrc20 vita's

Sorry ı write a new post, your smart system marked spam flag . Bravo! ; And Really dont understand , ı see blue the hash link on my message .
But you didnt see? Okey , try again ;

I wrote to Mimo , too . they told me - you must update your wallet vers - but my wallets vers is last : ı checked before write this

Sorry Deniz, please try to send the action hash without the link, it seems as if any link you send is being deleted. I just need the string of characters beginning with 0x or io or your wallet address, as I stop don’t know what you are writing about

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24d79df59a3e1578f3e6eee139fcd37db9e6d0c29e4b891214976eb3d8077606 is action hash
io1cl7q5uhldpzh082wzynynjvmcdkfheyg80g2gz is my wallet adrress

Hi Deniz,

From what I see in the action hash it seems like you swapped METX for VITA. what is exactly the problem?

259.41242 Vita is not coming to my wallet /or unseen to wallet screen

The VITA is in your wallet.

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No , not . I want to send my wallet screenphoto ,but how ? System isnt give permission but maybe ı can try again

I am sorry , upload option isnt work . Also ı can’t drag&drop … Oh okey ,. But Vita is unseen on my main wallet screen . But ı see on contrats tab . Whats the problem Do you understand ?

Do you use ioPay mobile or desktop? From what I see in the transaction hash you sent, you should have VITA on your wallet

I agree with you . but that’s the weird thing. It shows a balance of around 2 vita. I am using iopay mobile

Your io1cl7q5uhldpzh082wzynynjvmcdkfheyg80g2gz wallet Shows 2445 Vita.

Can you try to post a link to a screenshot of your wallet balance? Mind you, its not 2.445, its 2445 - maybe there is confusion with the decimal places?

your write confused me totally : my vita deposit isnt change after swap on main screen

Okey , Please use with copypaste ( ı give a permission for who knows link )


ıopay Screenshot (2 Oca 2022 11:13:42)

Google Drive file.

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I don’t understand. The ioPay explorer even shows the Transaction successful. So you have received the tokens. There is no issue here. I am closing this request, please email us [email protected] if you have any further questions

I understand : when research the universal standarts VS Turkish standarts arent same