10 mins on pancakes swap plus binance smart chain bridge to send and receive iotx tokens(iotx - bsc)

     How To Send  IOTX TOKENS 
  1. i used Token pocket( ANY BSC WALLET ) 2. Open pancakes SWAP on the wallet 3. Click on the BRIDGE on the homepage of pancakes swap
  2. CONNECT wallet by clicking META MASK after the pop to connect wallet 5. SELECT ASSET which is IOTX 6. CHOOSE IoTex network as the FIRST .(which Binance smartchain would’ve already connected) 7. Input the amount you want receive (minimum 58 IOTX)
  3. CLICK NEXT and acknowledge the TXN then COMFIRM .
  4. Youll be GIVEN an IOTX address to send the Token (copy the address and send the AMOUNT you requested ) 10. Wait for CONFIRMATION ( it only took 10-15 mins ) Good luck
      How  you receive IOTX TOKENS

Thank you for tutorial! I think it will be very useful for other users! Great done :+1:

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Nice tutorial @WEALTHCODE.
Whats the benefits of moving IoTex to/from the BSC?

First it gives leverage advantages, to smooth interoperability between various networks and it is a key to success of any project .

Secondly the fees are cheaper to perform transaction , this also help scale up Project development .

Thirdly Connecting a permissioned PoA chain between various networks , this give community access to smooth and secured transaction.