A Custom Name Service for IOTEX

Hey everyone, builder here.

I bumped into Simone and Raullen at ETH Denver. I briefly spoke to them and introduced myself as a builder of a name service on Arweave. I was told to ask the community how they would feel about a custom name service for IOTEX.

The suffix would be either .itx or .iotex. We could build it to resolve back to your wallet address and use it as an identifying marker in the community. The most important aspect of it all is that these names can be ‘a pay once, own forever’ concept. Community involvement and loyalty shouldn’t be subject to some subscription fee.

I would love to hear everyone’s feedback about the idea and how we could possibly make it better.

Feedback welcomed!

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A name service for IoTeX would be very welcome, but would it also resolve names back to smart contract addresses? Another proposal is to looking to implement account abstractions (IIP14), and I’m wondering if such accounts as well as other dApps would be supported. :thinking:

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I like this idea! Let’s Gooooo!