About the Halo Grants Program

Introducing Halo, the official IoTeX Grants Program run by the IoTeX Foundation. Join us in building the connected world! The IoTeX Halo Program accelerates the growth of the IoTeX ecosystem, helps developers to launch 1,000 next-gen Dapps around DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and most importantly, MachineFi topics! The Halo Grants Program is open for projects at any stage to apply, as long as the project promotes the growth and adoption of the IoTeX technology, ecosystem, and community.

Apply now to turn your ideas into reality and make the world a better place! (<- add a link to the “Submit a proposal” post)

:star_struck: Benefits… So Many Benefits!

We provide technical guidance, financial support (ranging from 1K-200K), marketing support, community engagement, and investment opportunities for BUILDers, tech or non-tech!

Mailing list with 70,000+ subscribers - Got a great project? We will feature it in our newsletter. Be front and center for all crypto users in our community.

Be a part of our bi-weekly ecosystem highlights - Get your name in the know with IoTeX community amplification.

Exposure to thousands of new users through ioPay Wallet - Our breakthrough product ioPay is used by over 100,000 users monthly.

We help you find and onboard your first user! - A vast network of people from all around the world. Finding your first user has never been easier.

We help you attract beta testers! With our wide network, we help you find users for your project.

In addition, we will help the best projects bootstrap into IoTeX ecosystem by integrating them into popular products such as:

:dart: Project Scopes

The IoTeX Halo Program fuels software and hardware development, as well as industry research, education, and community engagement efforts. We welcome proposals, both tech and non-tech, in the following categories. If you have impactful ideas that do not fit in the following categories, we are all ears!

:robot: MachineFi

This is unique to IoTeX as IoTeX allows machines to talk with Dapps seamlessly. This enables unprecedented Dapps such as:

  • Using trusted data from open hardware to facilitate Dapps such as walk-to-earn, live-to-earn, drive-to-earn. Take a look at our open hardware http://pebble.iotex.io.

  • Dapps tokenize/monetize/gamify the utility of machine networks. Examples are routers owned by people that provide wireless connectivity for people (yes, like helium!) to mine tokens, an army of raspberry Pi or smart phones that “rent out” their compute/storage/bandwidth to earn tokens.

:moneybag: DeFi

DeFi stands for " D ecentralized F inance ", typically referring to digital assets as well as financial smart contracts, protocols, and Dapps. Examples are:

  • Secure, user-friendly decentralized exchanges ( DEXs )

  • Safe, non-custodial lending solutions such as Compound or Aave.

  • Next-generation stablecoins such as DAI, FRAX and similar.

  • Decentralized synthetics and derivatives such as Synthetix, or UMA.

:joystick: NFTs & Games

NFTs can be anything digital (such as digital art, music, your brain downloaded and turned into an AI) or physical (such as collectibles, paintings, cars, real estate). Examples of NFT-based projects are:

:hammer_and_wrench: Infra and Dev Tooling

Infrastructure and tools that make developers’ life easier are always welcome! Examples include:

  • Developer Tools to make smart contract testing on IoTeX easier

  • New SDKs and libraries to interact with the IoTeX platform

  • Explorers, datastores, analytical dashboards.

:woman_teacher: Education

Educating people about IoTeX’s vision, value proposition, technology, and products is fundamental for community growth. Examples in this category include:

  • Educational Materials: formal programs, tools, videos, or other multimedia to spread the word about IoTeX

  • International Marketing: campaigns, meetups, and initiatives in your local region/language

  • Community Experience: long-term programs to help drive community discussion and engagement

:handshake: Social Impact

We support nonprofits and organizations that are exploring how to use the IoTeX technology and products to benefit emerging markets, green energy and contribute to the betterment of humanity.

:candy: Bounties

Bounties are small-scoped projects such as:

  • Identify a security bug
  • Report a malfunction of a website or forum
  • Help to retweet an announcement

:white_check_mark: Application Process

Follow these simple instructions to submit your proposal.

:closed_book: Resources & Community