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New arrival date is february… :sob:

Yes I’ve order 1 and will be here imminently my question about the sim card is it possible to by a sim card for the device for personal use.

It ask me for my company information, vat codes etc. Is there a way around this? Thanks

Good afternoon! I am in Russia. while waiting for my pebble, I talked with operators who support nb-iot, there are only 2 Megafon and MTS, I chose MTS for myself because it covers all cities, and Megafon is only large cities so far. After receiving the pebble and testing, I will write about the resultsProcessing: IoT_for_business_yugra_050320.pdf…

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Hi Just got mine today. Been so excited to recieve it and never check what signal requirements it needs, and now I just realize that it requires LTE-M and NB-ioT networks, tried most of our local network provider but did not work. I check with 1NCE website for there coverage, though my country is supported but it shows only for 2G,3G, 4G. Probably won’t be able to use this now and will be just be part of my collectibles at the moment and just wait until the required network is available in my country. by the way I am from the Philippines.