About the theft of my Iotex tokens

Hello, months ago I suffered theft of my iotex tokens and contacted iotx support and asked for help but they always fired me.They kept saying that the wallet key was stolen or that I shared it with someone but I’m not stupid, I would have shared my own investment with someone else. And in iopay app, I am not doing any other transaction, I was just exchanging $SDI tokens on mimo exchange. I had over 8,000 stakes and 11,656 coins in my wallet.and only my idle tokens were stolen my staked tokens were still in my account.You will understand from the account activities such as the attached training at the bottom. The last wallet my token reached is $ 500000. These guys will keep stealing something from someone and the iotx administrators are not making any improvement on this issue. Their response to me is that they can’t follow up and say I lost my coins.I was happy that I trusted and invested in this wallet and bought it when it was not known if I really trusted the project but 90% of my investment was here. Please help me to get my coins back I really need my stolen money.

my own iopay wallet address: io1fcqys2rkw7m20rrle75uxwhs3e9qjmc2f89a22

detail of the balance transferred from my account : IoTeXScan Transaction Hash | IoTeXScan!

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