Add IoTeX Chain to Metamask Popular Network List

Hey there, IoTeX frens! :wave:

I wanted to bring something to our attention:

Back in February I made a post in the Metamask community forum to add the IoTeX network to the popular network list, which would make our life much easier (as developers and end-users), and it would be great for the all DePIN community.

We have had some traction on the post, thanks to all of us who supported, upvoted and commented!

I wanted to ask our community to help revamp this post, keep upvoting/commenting and make our voices heard. I think if we reach some good traction, we could be able to et Metamask to add our network.

Thanks as always for the support!

(IoTeX DevRel Team)


Great proposition,
I had the idea of actually developing a MetaMask snap for the IoTeX network. Started working no it some while back but new abandoned the idea.
With a MetaMask snap, users should be able to seamlessly

  • easily add the IoTeX network to their wallet
  • MetaMask displays addresses in io format when the IoTeX network is in use.
  • could also include other features like INS and also connect iotexscan API for decoding smart contract activates

Started working on it after a few members of the M3tering community sent coins to wrong addresses while using IoTeX on the MetaMask wallet. However, it took longer than expected to finish so I shelved the project for some other time.

Anyone is welcome to give it a try tho, and it can help IoTeX get into the Popular Network List :wink:


How far along did you go? I could set something up with our friends at metamask to make a joint livestream where we go through the IoTeX snap implementation. :wink:


Not so far actually, spent some time trying to add UI components for the io format address. I used the typescript repo for IoTeX address for the address conversion, but so far haven’t been able to update the wallet UI with the converted addresses.

Also could didn’t see any documentation on how to enable the snap address conversion only when using IoTeX network.