Add support of IOTX native coin to the Coinbase Wallet app

As you may have already heard. A lot of people are suffering from transfers from Crypto dot com to Coinbase where the coins have been lost and can’t be retrieved and that the only way to get the coins moved is to get the private keys to the IOTX wallets within Coinbase so that we can import them into the ioPay wallet. But because those are hosted wallets Coinbase will not hand them out. Another option is to have Coinbase add support of the IOTX native coin to their system so that we can transfer them out but they are saying that they can’t give us a time range of when that would happen.

I have an idea which I would like to suggest.

When you have a Coinbase wallet app and you want to transfer coins from Coinbase to that wallet, the transaction doesn’t require you to type addresses or private keys or anything. That is because the hosted wallets and the wallets in the app are connected internally. So what happens if instead of adding support of the native coin to Coinbase, you add it to the wallet app. When you pull up the coin in the app, the app should be able to read the coins that are stuck in the hosted wallet and we should be able to import them without keys or anything.

Do you think that would work and is that doable?


Do we know this to be true or is it an assumption?

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I know it’s true for all the coins that are supported in the wallet because I use the external wallet myself.

I didn’t have that issue with Coinbase but I have had that issue with crypto. Com I have tried everything I finally got them to show up in iopay but can’t do anything with them because of not inputting seed phrase but every time I do I don’t see any of my assets

From what account did you send the coins? And to what account did you send the coins to?

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I sent them from to my crypto defi wallet. I got with customer service and they said to implement my seed code to metamask which I did I then Inturn put in iotex network. But the only way I am able to see the 200 or 198 coins is through an untouchable iopay wallet. My intentions were to bring them over to iopay to stake but I have no clue and kinda got set on the back burner. As I have been trying to get my Coinbase wallet back due to them signing me out of it. I get through the seed phase to only be asked for a password that was never created only a finger print

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