Aerospace industry & cloud data security

Hello all
I am new to the forum and would like to understand if anyone is working in a project for overcome the actual aerospace problems are facing.
I believe that the problems of data in the cloud for many Aerospace industry is a problems that is also causing a delay on innovation and maximize utilization of IoT . Many aerospace industry are moving to a Federal cloud / gov Cloud , but only for certain data . I understood that IoTx solution could unlock the security issues with the use of Blockchain. Can anyone help me on understanding where we are on this topics ? Thanks a lot

What data would you want to store related to the aerospace engineering industry on the blockchain?

Data coming from our machinery for predicting analysis , engineering technical data like as , design forms requested for design approvals . Is this something that make sense ? Consider also that in Aerospace industry there are IT data management requirements dictated by Government for for bidding to their projects . Meeting such IT requirement is mandatory for participating to the bids .
I am not an expertise on the certification side.

I think the best strategy would be to create a IoTeX Improvement Proposal. Find the necessary information on GitHub:
github iotexproject iips