Airdrip Registration Issues


Really pleased with the direction of IOTex,

Over the weekend, I successfully moved all my IOTX ERC20 from Coinbase to IOTEX and staked it via IOPAY.

First, Trying to register for Airdrip. The dapp connects. However, when I click register and approve the transaction fee, the register button just spins. Last night I let it do this for a few hours before closing the Airdrip dapp. Please advise.

Second, I took a hit on the coin value when porting via IOPipe from ERC20 to Native IOTEX. I’m holding for the long-term. What will be done to make me whole on the value differential?

Thank you kindly!

AirDrip event is over, that’s most likely why it is not letting you register for it. As for the tokens, there is no plan currently to reimburse any users of ioTube for converting tokens