All 12% IOTX has been deposited into the protocol's reward pool

According to the plan, 12% of total IOTX coins are reserved for Roll-DPoS mining.

When the mainnet was launched last year, 2% of total IOTX has been deposited into the reward pool (which also collects all gas fees) and today, IoTeX Foundation has deposited the remaining 10% of total IOTX into this pool (tx1, tx2) after one year of smoothly running of the protocol.

To improve the governance of IoTeX Foundation and the open-source blockchain protocol, we will make the Foundation accounts that hold IOTX transparent for everyone soon.

At last, the reward pool, as well as the protocol, welcomes IOTX donation of any amount, e.g., “ioctl action deposit 200000 -s signer” will make it happen.