All about VITA & VitaMart

What is Vitality (VITA)?

Vitality (VITA) is the first token to be launched on the IoTeX Network. VITA incentivizes community activeness and will power IoTeX products, as the IoTeX community grows, VITA will also grow in utility and value!

IoTeX’s community growth plans include new token holders, DApps, IoT companies, Delegates, and ecosystem partners. VITA will be a critical tool to incentivize engagement between different populations and expand IoTeX’s influence on the outside world.


How To Earn VITA?

The community can earn VITA by remaining active in the IoTeX Network. VITA is a pre-mined token that will be allocated daily across three different pools:

  • Staking/voting: VITA will be “claim-able” by all IoTeX voters every day. The voter’s share of daily VITA is based on their weighted stake.
  • Community growth: anyone can earn VITA by completing tasks, making referrals, testing products, and growing the IoTeX community.
  • IOTX-to-VITA Bidding Pool: anyone can “bid” IOTX to the daily Bidding Pool and get VITA in return (VITA received is proportional to IOTX bid)

How To Use VITA?

VITA tokens will be redeemable for exclusive IoTeX swag, IoT product giveaways, cryptocurrency lotteries, and more. Our VITA Discord channel (“VitaMart”) has airdrops, giveaways, and more fun ways to use VITA.

Powered by IoTeX Blockchain, VitaMart is an IoT market for VITA holders to use VITA to purchase exclusive IoTeX swag, IoT product giveaways, IoTeX product, lotteries, and more.

Vitamart US is now open - join our product testing community & get IoT products for free!

Claiming VITA

  • IoTeX voters can claim using IoPay, web & desktop wallets
  • HW Wallets (Ledger, Trezor) & MetaMask/MEW
  • Third-party HD Wallets (TrustWallet, Cobo)

Step-by-Step Instructions for IoTeX Voters

IOTX-to-VITA Bidding Pool

The Bidding Pool allows anyone to purchase VITA with IOTX. All IOTX received from bidding is contributed to the Delegate & Voter Rewards Pool, which further secures and rewards the entire IoTeX Network.

To make a bid, simply login to the IoTeX Web or Desktop Wallet and use the built-in “Bid” functionality — download here. After logging in to the IoTeX Web or Desktop Wallet, click the “Bid” button and submit your IOTX bid. After submitting, you will be prompted to confirm a transaction. You can make as many bids as you want and bids reset at the end of every cycle.