All my sites shutdown iotex wallet for maintenance?

Kucoin and Changelly have both shut down iotex wallets supposedly for maintenance for like a week almost and j know that’s got to be BS. Maybe someone is trying to manipulate during these pumps?
Anyway, I can’t get any iotex to my IoPay now and j need to do stuff for my Star Crazy slaves. I was gonna take them some nice iced tea but can’t get funds in. How exactly can j send another currency to my wallet that I can trade for GFT?? Thanks

I have an ongoing concern regarding irregularities with my Iotex wallet on Coinbase. I am currently awaiting a response, over and above the initial acknowledgement that they are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. I’m currently being offered an exchange rate of around £0.13 per iotx. At time of writing it’s currently showing at around £0.075 on my watch list.

This is my thread. Please post your question in another thread. Thanks

It wasn’t a question. No problem