Anyone heard about this?

Hi guys,

I read this news today

concerning a new Spain national postal service’s offer that make me really wonder if Iotex is involved in this project. Is it the case? Because if not, maybe this interests someone at the Iotex top management.
And of course if you need a contact in Spain to try and push our project to their ears I’m always available for you guys hehehe.



Nice article, thanks for sharing!
It doesn’t seem to mention anything about Blockchain, although this is one of the best-suited use cases (supply chain of medicines and food) where, if the actual sensors data were sent to the blockchain, that would add trust and verifiability to a sector that definitely needs it!

In this case, they mention location and temperature as well as the opening status of every single box which, as you have foreseen, could be totally managed by a pebble tracker -like device design + IoTeX. These are definitely the type of applications we expect to onboard :wink:


Hey, thanks for sharing your opinion! Totally agree with what you say, this is precisely a perfect use case for a pebble, that’s why I thought of sharing the news with you guys. The anecdote is that I sleep with a radio under my pillow, and I heard the news in the middle of my sleep, which woke me up suddenly thinking “WTF are they talking about a Pebble??” xD

Hopefully we will hear more and more people understanding the huge step that adding privacy to these kind of applications would be.

Keep up the good work!