Asset tracking and markets

A derivative market (futures i.e.) over hard tangible assets and commodities, based on Pebble Trackers without environmental sensor but with an electromagnetic sensor attached to them (“Pebbnetic”). As each asset and size have a unique electromagnetic spectrum, the Pebbnetic is efficient mean of tracking assets.
A derivative smart contract (DSM) is based on the join of a Pebbnetic and the Asset. For instance, if the Pebbnetic is removed from the asset, the electromagnetic signal change, and the DSM is broken. The DMS custodium or an insurance company has to pay de DSM value, as this is equivalent to an asset theft.
You can build a trading market over traceable physical assets.
It could be interesting over luxury items: cars, gold bullions, etc. Or you can pack several assets on a closed container and trade them joined, as its electromagnetic footprint is also unique.

Pebbnetiq is an interesting concept. I don’t know why electromagnetiq spectrum is unique. Could you please provide more details?

Perhaps too much imagination, I suppose. After reading a little, the simplest solution is to use a reed sensor attached to the GPS. If you remove the GPS from the asset the electric circuit is broken and a theft signal is launched. But if that not occurs, the GPS make the asset trackable and tradable.
So probably we have to forget electromagnetic spectrum (it sounded nice) and change the concept and name to “Pebbreed”.
It could be as broading the use of to any other asset, starting for the most expensive ones (cars, etc), and attaching them to trading/rent markets.

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sounds cool. :slight_smile:

Interesting thoughts. We don’t even have to bother that since every tracker already has its own identity within the TEE/chip.

I have been thinking about a special type of metalic bag, that could serve as a secure envelop of any asset. It creates an electric closed loop, that could be constantly monitored by an electric circuit. If the bag is open or broken, the electric signal changes, and that event could be recorded on the blockchain.
That way we can safetly track any asset: You can attach a GPS and an electric monitoring sensor to the bag. That way you safetly know the asset location, and if the “custody-chain” has been broken: somebody has opened or broken the envelop
Only some crazy ideas…

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