ATTN: Hermes Users - Do Not Use Contract Address for Rewards Forwarding

Hermes + Rewards Forwarding Users

If you are using the Rewards Forwarding service via Hermes to forward your staking rewards to another IoTeX address, please make sure that your forwarding address is a wallet address and NOT a contract address.

We have experienced some issues recently regarding rewards distribution due to jumbled smart contract logic from users forwarding their rewards to contract addresses in Hermes. From now on, Hermes will NOT distribute any rewards to forwarded addresses if they are a contract address.

NO ACTION IS NEEDED if you are a Hermes user that does NOT use the rewards forwarding services.

Note: any missing or partial Hermes payments are automatically replenished during the next round of Hermes payments. The Hermes smart contract verifies which epochs have been paid to which Delegates/users before every new payment.