Bittrex withdraw

Hello Everyone
i tried to withdraw my iotex from bittrex to send on my iopay wallet.
crazy high fees (1666 iotex) a transaction pending for days, contacted support from bittrex and no answer.
i canceled my withdraw and trying again but fees got ridicolus high.
anyone in the same position ?Screenshot 2021-02-10 114428

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That’s insane.

If I recall correctly, they still use IOTX-E (the ERC20 token). Did you enter ETH wallet adress or IoTeX wallet address?

If you would like to hold IOTX, you can trade from Binance, Huobi, Gate, Kucoin.

Yeah, agree that’s absurd. Unfortunately as Qevan guessed Bittrex does not support native IOTX, only IOTX-E Ethereum token so you got to pay the Ethereum tx for transfer (plus a quite expensive Bittrex fee I suppose!)

Thanks for your answer guys, really appreciated.
do you have a detailed solution to explain ?
i want to hold my iotex of course, what i really need is to send my bittrex iotex balance to IOPay wallet, how can i do it if on bittrex in still ECR20?



All major exchanges make zero commission when withdrawing NEO
Find out what the fee for withdrawing NEO on Bittrex
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  1. Sell IOTX
  2. Buy NEO
  3. Make a transfer from Bittrex to Binance\Houbi
  4. Sell NEO
  5. Buy IOTX
  6. Make a transfer to your personal wallet in ioPay