Boosting Iopay Wallet Adoption: A Fun Path to IoTeX Discovery

Suggestion: I propose an exciting idea to enhance user engagement with Iopay wallet and introduce them to the world of IoTeX. In the Profile and Dapp sections of Iopay, let’s create a feature where users can claim daily points for using the wallet. These points could be converted into amazing rewards like NFTs, Vita tokens, event tickets, swag, and much more. However, users would need to accumulate a certain number of points before they can redeem these fantastic rewards. I’m eager to share the UI design for this concept once I get my PC fixed.

Suggestions 2:
Redesign of Iopay wallet token Section

  1. the Verified tag will show that the smart contract of that Token is valid
  2. user will be able to download their transaction CSV file direct from Iopay wallet
  3. the Market update for Price direct from Mimo or Coingecko.

About the Project Token Section Updates


Great proposal, the daily logins will make a great stand point for the community and IoTeX at large


Im looking forward to seeing the designs for suggestion 1!
Great job with suggestion 2. Looks fantastic.

But i would love to hear your thoughts around filtering and CSV:
In what specific scenarios do you see this being useful on iopay mobile (wouldn’t it be better to do this type of drilling down in web wallet rather than mobile)

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Good is a really great
ideas tbh

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Filtering and CSV files can be handy features, and having them in the Iopay mobile wallet would make it easier for people. Not everyone knows how to download CSV files from Iotexscan some find it difficult to download, Having these options on the mobile wallet would be more easier for users.