Burn token

Hy, I m eligible to burn token. But with iopay I can not connect my wallet. Who say me how can I integrate burndrop??? Thanks and I have try lot of solutions

Burndrop now is an automatic process (think it as DAO) - take a look at here http://burndrop.iotex.io/ for the ignite (pre-launch program) and the real burn drop is coming soon!

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Hy raullen. How are you? When NFT are possi le to. Use and where can I find details about privacy for example?

NFT is under design/dev right now - the thinking, for now, is for each Ucam activated by the user, an NFT will be issued to the user, which will become tradable on mimo.exchange.

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OK, I understand. And install minttoken. Io on desktop to see more. I have write to alysa but I don’t find form goog’e to. Participate of ambassador Program. In parallel I will look at the code and go deeper into the project. N
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