Burndrop 0 rewards on countdown

Hi Everyone thought i would open a discussion about no rewards for burndrop while counting down to unstake. This is not very transparent before stake locking your coins for 91 days+ Basically when you stakelock for 91 days your actually committing to 182 day but only receive rewards for half those days. Its pretty simple if your locked away for 182 days you should be rewarded as such. When the countdown timer ends then so should your burndrop commitment. If you want to receive burndrop rewards again then youll need to restake for 91 days again. I would like to see if theres a delegate interested in submitting this for a community vote.


Thank you for your feedback!
Just want to clarify something: there is no requirements to wait for 91 days in order to turn off Stake-lock. You can turn off Stake-lock at any time, but at the same moment you will stop receiving Burn-Drop reward. The only time you need to wait is 91 days of your stakeing duration in order to be able to unstake your bucket. So you can keep your bucket with Stake-lock as long as you want.
Burn-Drop reward this is an extra bonus for long-term stakers. For Delegates there is no difference if you have Stake-lock turn on or not.