Burning alternative

Only an idea: why not burning VITA instead of Iotex when registering a new device? That way we reward staking, as staking holders are the ones that can claim Vita. And we would keep gas fees low, as Iotex is the gas for all transactions.
That is, Iotex flat, Vita deflactionary.
Another option is burning some Iotex and some VITA, in a pre-defined percentege that could be modified on the future.
Is this a good idea?


1 iotex + 1 vita burned is my proposal. :face_with_monocle:

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I like the idea. However, IOTX is the network native token. Vita is XRC20 token. Burning native token is reasonable instead of an XRC token.


Agree, burning native rewards the staking pools on long term. So better to burn iotex

I like the idea of ​​burning iotex
How many iotex would burn in total?
How much iotex would burn per device?
When would iotex burn start?

An idea would be, for example, to burn 50% of the total iotex and further encourage the stake to expand the supply of roll-dpos mining and reducing foundation tokens.

For more iotex tokens to stake