Can I edit a grant after Seeking Feedback tag has been added to it by one of the Official Team Members?

I’m trying to open up the conversation with the jury regarding [SeekingFeedback] Crypto Mainstream Project - #9 by Orator

Did it got disqualified because I edited it for improvement? What is happening?

Hello ISM​ ​,

Thanks for writing in.


I’ve received some feedback about your proposition:

  1. You should provide metrics we can judge the deliverable by; what is the target of your deliverables? You did not mention the target of unique visitors per day, or how many months in s row you get consistent traffic, etc.

Your propositions are to vague, in other words. IoTeX funds projects based on metrics, not ideas alone.

Best regards,

Hello Jeremi,

I intend to open an educational website first. I will focus on deriving traffic organically. I have created the social handles and will start creating the content calendar once I get support from the IoTeX community.

I’m targeting Beginners and Intermediate users mainly. English-speaking audiences only and will collaborate with other language-specific versions of the website if I hit the goals.

The total proposed timeframe of the project is 3 months.

Since the website hasn’t been launched, I can’t come up with an estimation that will be accurate. But I’m happy to share the Google Analytics data with the team. I believe I will be getting 1000 Unique visitors per day within the first 4 weeks.

This is a long-term vision from which IoTeX will keep benefitting.

Best Regards,
Sahan (Unofficial Nickname)