Can't get Pebble Tracker to connect using AT&T NB-IOT SIM card

I cannot get my Pebble Tracker to connect when using either the AT&T LTE-M or NB-IOT SIM card. I am located in NC and my wife subscribes to the AT&T cell phone plan.

The device is fully charged. The SIM cards were activated. First, I tried the LTE-M and had no success. I purchased the NB-IoT card and got the same result. No connection. I canceled the LTE-M plan with AT&T and now have just the NB-IoT plan.

The device appears to be working correctly. There are 8 dots streaming across the display in the upper left-hand corner. I understand this is the signal trying to connect to the AT&T network. There is a SIM card icon and battery level displayed. There is a blue light flashing about every 5 seconds. The IOTEX logo flashes when you first turn on the device. The text displayed reads, "Riverrock v1.0.8 NB-IOT Main-Net.

I have tried reinserting the SIM card. I even took it to the AT&T store and had a representative insert it. I have turned it off and on many times. I have pushed the reset button several times. Nothing seems to work.

I contacted AT&T IoT support and they said “Please check your APN should be “”, and restart your device.” I don’t know how to check for my APN.

I don’t know if it’s the device, the SIM card, or the network. I have asked for help on the different social platforms but no one seems to be able to help.

Can anyone help me?


Hi @247earnings thank you for your detailed message.

Can you please confirm me that you see the sim card icon on the display whit the sim card inserted in the slot? That icon should go away a couple seconds after the device is powered on, meaning that the sim card has been detected.

If the sim icon stays visible on the screen, it means:

  1. you inserted the sim the wrong direction, please check images to see the correct direction and make sure you push it inside until the spring kicks in and you feel the “click”
  2. Assuming you live in the US, your sim card may be defective, or for some reason the NB-IoT band/plan is not active.

It’s hard for us to support any sim card, but we provide one that is tested and known to work well on - you may want to try that one.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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If the SIM card icon does not disappear from the display, the SIM card is correctly inserted and it’s known to work on another device/cell phone, it’s also possible that your device has an issue with the SIM card socket.

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So I seem not to be able to get into autobahn to order a sim from my laptop. Website says I have to log in. Can anyone help ?

I’m a little confused now, does the SIM card icon have to be visible on the screen or not?

Ok, I think I found the answer, the icon should not be visible if the sim card is inserted correctly. :slightly_smiling_face: