CMC Staking NFT

Hello, I’m new to the forum and Iotx and I can’t seem to find any information on this. I received a CMC Staking NFT in my iopay wallet which I assume came from the coinmarketcap learn and earn drop. I didn’t receive any tokens though just the NFT CMC Staking No.65029. Should I have received some tokens with it? Also what can I do with this NFT… if it has value … I am willing to sell it. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated thank you.


Hi notagoodchew,
Everyone who participated in the CMC earn campaign has received the NFT. If you are also a winner, you may have received a 200IOTX staking deposit (check out the STAKe section in your ioPay wallet). If you did not win, then you may receive a 20 IOTX consolation prize if you created a staking deposit during September, with a lock of 91 days (these have not been distributed yet)

i also win this cmc stacking nft, Can i sell this nft or its a prize?

Where can I see the value of the NFT where I can trade it?