Coinbase and Ledger - Please Clarify

I was very excited IOTEX became available on Coinbase and had read up that hardware wallets could be used. Purchased coin and to withdraw saw that only an ETH address was allowed on Coinbase. Saw that coin is shown on in both Web3 and Iotex address so used Web3 (ETH) address s to withdraw. In the meantime downloaded wallet and connected to Ledger . The wallet showed the native io… address.
After withdrawal, could not see coins in Ledger or Wallet, but shows in Etherscan. Went back to and see both IoTeX Address an Web3 address but no coins.
Please clarify if there is a process to retrieve my coins. I was trying to stake from Ledger after withdrawing from Coinbase. Please help!! Really Thank you!!!


Having the very same issue as you, except that my tokens are still on the Ledger Live App as an Eth token and it is not recognized or shown in the ioPay Wallet app for Mac. Shows zero coins. The support email provided on their website is invalid. A bit scary. Getting ready to just offload these coins as the staking process isn’t user friendly and support seems to be non-existent. How can I just sell these tokens from Ledger? Any idea? This is too much of a hassle. I’ll also be willing to swap to Eth and stake with Lido, so much simpler.

Update: Ended up sending the coins back to coinbase, converting to ADA and staking that in 5 minutes. This coin/ecosystem here needs more development before it can be taken seriously.