Coinbase native IoTeX network petition

Coinbase still does not support the native IoTeX network. Lots of people have their funds blocked because of this - sent inadvertently or by Coinbase misleading them.
Please support the petition to Coinbase to introduce support for the native IoTeX network:

There are already few votes missing. Perhaps this will prompt Coinbase to act. Thank you.

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to be honest I dun think a petition is not going to work.
after all the final decision will be decided by coinbase themselves.

I strongly support native IoTeX!

I did 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

I have forwarded this link to the offical and traders group but to be honest a petition is never really going to solve the core issue in accordance to statistic we need only 1% of petition gets run through in the united state.

and to get run through we need a minimum sum of 100k vote for this petition.

yours sincerely,
newbie iota