Coinbase support Native token

Hello Iotex,

how do you currently stand in cooperation with Coinbase?
Currently, only the ERC20 token is offered there.

However, we would like to use the Native Token.

What is the current situation?




Good luck getting an answer to this one. It’s a shame too.

Why is nobody responding to this? Coinbase still only offers the ERC20 token.

Iotex should also be interested in the native token being implemented there.

Can Iotex comment on this?

Unfortunately I doubt you will get your answer. I have been at this for a while. I have several posts on the old forum and several on this new forum and have had zero responses. I’ve emailed support as well as very actively searching for answers within the IOTEX Reddit community. The only answer I’ve gotten is that it’s not the Devs fault it’s the Coinbase teams fault. But we’ve always known this is a Coinbase issue. Going back to when both versions were listed on separate exchanges with the same ticker. Only after people complained did Coinbase make it obvious there was a difference between the two currencies. Check out their description of what the ERC-20 version does. They protect their far reaching description in their TOS by claiming it’s for informational purposes only but shouldn’t the info at least be right. ERC-20 IOTEX does run on the Ethereum blockchain but it does not power the IOTEX network. But after the merge and ETH moves to a POS protocol I bet this changes. Some elites probably hold bags of ERC-20 and since ETH will pump as a result of the POS merge so will the ERC-20 IOTEX. Then they can cash out at a high price and buy even more Native IOTEX because the viable currency, the native coin for the network is actually worth less than the money than the currently obsolete ERC-20 token. I’ll keep checking back to see if anyone has has the courtesy to respond to your concern. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

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Thank you for the detailed and kind reply! Maybe we will be lucky and see how Coinbase implements the Native token.

All other exchanges with good integration teams have supported native for a long time, unfortunately Coinbase are very slow with new native integrations.

IOTX would never have been listed if it wasnt for the ERC-20 variant, similar to many other unaffiliated L1 protocols

Do you think they will implement it or has anyone had contact with Coinbase about this?

And I completely understand that the ERC-20 served a purpose but there is no utility there anymore. Correct? What can you actually do with the ERC-20 version that benefits the IOTEX Network? And yes I think there’s only 2 exchanges that actually list ERC-20 still. Excuse my ignorance when asking this question because this is a part I don’t understand. Can’t IOTEX tell Coinbase that on this date the Token that you hold the keys for on your exchange will become obsolete. If either these tokens are not swapped for the Native token or the Native token listed as part of the exchange then the small 10% you mentioned has no value? It just seems that if people think 10% is such a small amount then cutting ties with an exchange like Coinbase that just doesn’t want to play ball would be an issue. I could go into another whole paragraph about how I think they are diluting and just dragging the IOTEX name through the mud but I’ll leave that alone for now.

I don’t quite understand why IOTEX doesn’t react to this and push it forward?