Collateral damage

Are we just collateral Damage for the upcoming funding of your machine FI sure it is what it feels like we have no answers from anybody it’s like Omerta but in Crypto. IOTX transfer should have been rejected by Coinbase s platform if they don’t support a token like the IOTx native coin they have no problem showing listings on their hotlist like blockmason link that he show on their highlight et home page of market assets but you lock to buy it says Coinbase doesn’t support it it’s not tradable Hey are thorough on collecting my money exactly on time when i we them a little bit of money but Tia is a lot f my money so much that every name I the book for idiot was directed at me by my wife nearly resulting in divorce. And it’s still on edge. This kind of situation brings out the bad in me that’s for sure and if this goes to court there will be more than the highest price IOTX reached during their interests gaining hodl of our approximately 10 plus million iotex I presume hey should pay punitive damages and pain and suffering as well. Know I will be requesting that and then some. This is rediciluous it affects every aspect of my day to day life and I’m pretty sure if you’re on this boat l you’d agree. I mean look I’m late for work right now because I’m typing this nd my output at work has dropped a stager ring mount diue to this which is not fair to my employer nor is it good for my employment so this cut runs deep and what is our funds being staked to earn the intrest after a hodl for the full 30 days to get a 30day apt to cover an obvious exploit of the arbitrage gains we should hawe bagged from the transfer.? Sounds like I may strike a nerve on this one rets see if it even gets posted here.