Community update on IoTeX Marketing

The marketing team are working very hard to develop a new marketing infrastructure with a whole new methodology for communicating, which will complement the company’s tech infrastructure.

The main focus of their approach (short term) is to evolve the brand, moving it from a web3 brand in the web 3 category towards being a Web3 brand integrating into the real world… which means they have to improve the standard of every form of communications.

They’re currently hiring new people to help deliver this new marketing ethos.

Short term projects, which they’re working on over the next two quarters…

  • Working on a transition brand strategy (and we will have some early updates to share over the next couple of weeks)

  • Attending ETH Denver - and creating a bespoke event there (they will share event details over the next few weeks)

  • First stage redesign of IoTeX main website (early to mid q2) , update the content and streamline the navigation flow amongst relevant websites

  • Working with a Creative Agency to streamline the design guideline for our big brand and sub brands

  • Redesigning the newsletter (which will be available soon)

  • Redesigning the video (which will be available soon)

  • Community Feedback initiative to ensure we’re better reacting to any issues identified by the community

  • Community questionnaire (they want to understand better the current motivations of the community)

  • Ambassador questionnaire (they want to understand better the current motivations of Ambassadors)

  • Research Dashboard (they’re developing a unified multi source research dashboard to inform all their marketing decisions)

  • They onboarded new content creator who will be creating community specific work

  • Working with MachineFi ecosystem partners to create video content to best showcase and elevate those projects/use cases once they have hit the near-to-launch milestone (expect them to come in Q2/Q30

  • Laying the foundation for bigger work to come in post crypto winter

There is a lot going on in the background, and as 2023 progresses, and more foundations are laid, and more members join the team we will start to see a lot more high delivery content.

As always, let us know your thoughts below in the comments!

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This is much appreciated even though we know everyone is hard at work there doesnt seem to have been well directed or maybe the word is successful marketing efforts, at least not plainly visible to the average investor.
Obviously many of the larger holders that I have talked to really would appreciate more transparency if possible especially in relation to the bigger brand partnerships. (These have been hinted at for a long time now) We are starting to look like the kid everyone gets to do their homework but no one asks to the party.
Website is fine I personally think it hasnt aged badly it is however rather in depth (wordy if you will) and this is good because you really want people to get it but is there a way to do that in “espresso” format?
Regards erik

Hey Erik - Thanks for you thoughts. The above set of statements are to clarify how we’ll be proceeding from now on. What’s past… well it’s past. Having (hopefully) learned from our mistakes, we’re not going to hype things before they’re real and then, our plan is to do so responsibly. Maybe even, ‘Promise less, then deliver more’.

Re the website - we’re working to make it clearer what we offer and how the parts inter-relate. Better minds than mine are at work on this. Keep in feedback coming!

Hi Marcos, the development team is doing great work. Iotex is really a quality network like Polygon. Do you plan to activate the referral code system so that iopay can have more users? This can be an effective method, especially for influencers to join Iopay and introduce Iopay to people. It would be nice to do various advertising activities with social media phenomena. Some projects (MonsterGo, Pixisoccer) on Iopay went bankrupt. They still have their logo on Dapp. I suggest fixing this. In particular, it is necessary to follow up the projects that receive grant support from Iotex in terms of trust. Many users suffered serious financial damage. Strict control is required. We can organize joint social media campaigns with projects in the Iotex ecosystem. Monthly meetings can be held with the project founders for this purpose. I think it will be useful to bring new users to the ecosystem. We will succeed together. Kind regards

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Hi! Thanks for your comments. I have a few questions about them.

You are suggesting we have a referral program for ioPay?

Our Halo grant program, like any program for early stage companies, does not guarantee success. Building companies is difficult and many fail. We can’t control their actions and we can’t promise anyone that they will succeed. The most we can do is see that they reach the agreed upon milestones in order to receive that portion of the grant money.

I like your idea of doing meetings to support projects. We’re considering how we can support those community lead initiatives so please keep an eye out for more news on that. (nope - don’t know when or even if it will come to pass) You’re right that it would be a great way to bring new people into the community.

Keep thinking of these ideas and thanks for the words of support.

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Great thoughts here.
I would love to ask if building communities in regions have been considered.

This is a great tool in increasing Iopay and the ecosystem entirely.