Compound Interest Bucket for IoTeX Stakers

Compound Interest Bucket is Now Live!

Introducing the Compound Interest Bucket for IoTeX stakeholders! By setting a compound interest bucket, all of your staking rewards (from Hermes Delegates only) will be automatically added to your compound interest bucket to maximize your compound interest. IoTeX stakeholders earn ~8% APR from staking alone, and can earn up to 20% APR by participating in Burn-Drop.

Note: your compound interest bucket must have auto-stake ON, as this is required for us to directly deposit IOTX into your bucket.

View Your Compound Interest Transactions on

We have added a new section to the Hermes website – you can now view normal account-level transfers as well as “Bucket Distributions”, where you will find your Compound Interest transactions (stakeAddDeposit).

View Your Compound Interest Transactions on

Exciting news – we have added bucket-level visibility on, the official IoTeX Explorer! This will allow you to see all of your Burn-Drop & Compound Interest transactions/amounts. Just visit[YourBucket#Here] to get started.

You can differentiate your bucket-level transactions by the sender address:

  • Burn-Drop: io1h49cfw0zcj63chk6awu08u6xem8kpr350r5p57
  • Compound Interest: io12mgttmfa2ffn9uqvn0yn37f4nz43d248l2ga85

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