Conversion Issues

Apologize if this isn’t the correct place to post. I searched for some support.

I was trying to play the new starcrazy game. So I have tried to follow the necessary steps. I created Iotex wallet, Metamask wallet. I sent 1000 IOTX from Coinbase Pro to Metamask. Looking at Metamask on the front screen it showed IOTX 1000(I don’t see how i can tell if it’s ERC20 or not).

I then followed the steps (mentioned in threads here) to goto the IoTube v5. I then did the conversion I thought. It charged me the ETH but it doesn’t look any different to me? Still shows 1000 IOTX in metamask. 0 showing in my iopay wallet? If I click on drop down it shows me to have 1000 IOTX-E as though it didn’t convert? If I again select IOTX-E and enter coin the button at the bottom says “Deposit” instead of convert??

I tried to goto the next steps to convert from WIOTX but when I goto that Crosschain it doesn’t allow me to change the coin there. It’s fixed on MCN to CMCN? So I’m not sure what to do here?