Creating Iotex maps for truckers, use case for Meta tracker?

Hi everyone,
I’m a long time trucker, I’m hauling locally (Illinois) in my state and was wondering if you (developers) could use your skills to possibly create maps for truckers using data through the Pebble tracker or Meta-tracker would be even better (no hardware needed) Reason for this is that no one provides actual and updated information about truck routes. I’m personally familiar within the area I’m usually working but going out of my 25-30 mile radius sometimes gives me a headache for I’m not familiar with roadways allowing for 80 thousand pounds semi to pass certain area. Its a guess work for me and often times I have to go around just for sake of being legally on the road. It cost me time and fuel therefore my thought of creating maps for truckers. I know a lot of people in my line of business who’d love to have an access to such data. Many of us can make such a database fill up rather quickly thus creating a blueprint for better, safer and quicker commute for guys like me, a trucker. The great thing about us truckers we can do updates on the go and GPS can track our routes with precision and IOTeX can make this data available for a fee to anyone who needs it. Just a thought. I’d love some competition for Google maps that I’m forced to use now. Something along the lines of Gas buddy and google maps fusion made by IOTeX of course