to coinbase exchange transfer

Action Hash: 15205c284bd6dff9a62c46f41f51b0310d87ba23eb77f9f79b35454424643d11



Block Height:



2 hours ago (2021-11-10T23:33:45.000Z)






View Type:



43,531.12 IOTX

Gas Fee:

0.01 IOTX

Gas Limit:


Gas Price:

1,000,000,000,000 (1 Qev)



I sent iotx coin from to coinbase exchange.
Looks like side withdraw was successful but coinbase is not showing.
How do i recover this withdraw?? Looks like similar issue with other people.

Highly likely it’s gone forever. They’re 2 different block chains and unless coinbase accepts The native token, youre coins are long gone. Mine are too so don’t feel too bad

There are a lot of people suffering from this issue. Someone created a form on so please go there and support it. I’m adding link below it.

oh man, I don’t feel bad happened to all of us until coinbase pair matches the rest of the world won’t see our funds.

Hello to all,

Please Be Advised: Don’t send native IOTX to Coinbase from ioPay: Coinbase only accepts ERC20 IOTX tokens (on the Ethereum network).

IoTeX runs its own blockchain, where native IOTX tokens are live. But they also exist IOTX tokens on Ethereum (ERC-20) as well as on other blockchains. Coinbase trades ERC-20 IOTX tokens, so you can only withdraw those tokens to the Ethereum blockchain, and you need a wallet connected to the Ethereum chain to see those tokens, while ioPay is connected to the ioTeX chain. This is an issue that arises due to Coinbase unexpectedly listing the IOTX Erc20 token on Ethereum. That token was almost entirely burned during mainnet release (they should have listed the native IOTX, or at least a cross-chain Erc20 token of IOTX, CIOTX), and eventually they ended up in an isolated market that absorbed all the IOTX-E in circulation, and the price raised as a consequence (though nobody can actually go there and sell). The IoTeX tokens that are owned by and run on the IoTeX Native Blockchain.

This warning should have been added to exchanges that you do business with to keep all your customers from making that mistake. Now it’s 15 days too late.

The question now is: Will Coinbase start supporting the IOTX native coin soon? They have our coins and they are not doing anything to help their customers.

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